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Now that I’ve earned my bachelor’s degree in Movement Science from the University of Michigan and spent years training and consulting in fitness, I’ve designed an affordable, effective and challenging workout program that will help you shed weight, develop lean muscle and get the results you’ve been looking for.

Welcome to FIGR: LEAN

This is not your ordinary workout program.

Unlike downloads or apps that get lost in your phone, this program will be professionally printed, bound and shipped to your home for you to physically write on, record progress, and keep you motivated & accountable.

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 Fit Is Getting Real:LEAN

Here’s The Details

  • The program is 8 weeks total, 5 days a week, with workouts alternating every other week
  • There are two phases. Phase 2 increases the intensity of your workouts to ensure that you continue to see results
  • Combines circuit training, interval workouts and other unique workout structures for optimal results
  • Workouts can easily be modified or intensified for any fitness level
  • Only mandatory equipment are dumbbells and any cardio machine(s)
  • For both women and men
  • Every workout takes less than 60 minutes

What’s Inside

  • 8 weeks of strength, interval, and cardio workouts
  • Daily food log to track food and drink intake
  • Daily healthy habits checklist
  • Video descriptions of every movement using QR code technology
  • Workout dictionary to explain the structure of every workout
  • Two month program calendar
  • Quick tips to provide guidance with workouts (stretching, rest time, etc.)
  • Weekly planner to schedule your workout into your busy lives
  • Weekly wrap-up pages to reflect on your efforts
  • Goal setting worksheet
  • Pages for before/after pictures and measurements

Additional Perks

 Fit Is Getting Real:LEAN

Fit Is Getting Real:LEAN

This 8 week fitness program combines strength, interval and cardio workouts to help you shed weight and develop lean muscle simultaneously. Complete with full workbook, video instruction, check lists, planners and more!




    • Become a part of the FIGR exclusive Facebook group
    • Full access to me as your personal coach and trainer
    • Enjoy extra accountability from the FIGR community

Hear from the #FIGR community themselves!:

“I am finishing up the third week of the program and I am getting RESULTS!!! I am down 8 pounds in only three weeks!”
– Rachel

“The workouts are challenging and fun. I already see my body toning and I feel a lot better too.”
– Kaska

“It’s the visual presentation and “in my face” mentality that helps motivate me to go workout.”
– Jenna

“It’s been so fantastic. This has changed my mindset so much on how to push myself – having a set plan like this is phenomenal.”
– Melissa

“I would definitely recommend this program, especially to anyone who is looking to make changes to their lifestyle. If you’re new to the gym or not, this program is made for just about anyone!”
– Emily 


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