You know how when you go to a fitness class and they already have the workout planned for you and the person tells you to do it, so you do it? And how after the workout you’re like “wow if someone just wrote out a workout for me every day working out would be so much easier”? Well believe it or not you do have someone that can tell you what to do each day.

That person is YOU.

The one thing I do before EVERY workout is write down my workout in a little journal and ever since I’ve done that I’ve seen a huge improvement in the quality of my workouts. Its such a simple thing to do and it’s something that every single person can do to improve their gym experience.


Here’s why it works:

1.You show up at the gym with a plan. This way you’re not wandering around feeling like an idiot or wasting precious gym time.

2. When you’re in the middle of a hard workout, your mind normally will tell you to stop and leave prematurely. You’re not in the middle of death when you’re sitting at your desk writing your plan, so you will naturally design a more challenging workout. Harder plan = better workout = better results.

3. In your mind, it feels as if its a contractual agreement to yourself. You won’t leave the gym until you’ve finished what you promised yourself you would do.

4. And when you do finish your workout, it makes you feel damn proud of yourself. You’ve just completed a killer workout AND you stuck to a plan. And we know how hard that can be. High fives all around!

5. Additional bonus: you now have a log of all your workouts because you already wrote them down!


You may be thinking to yourself that this only applies to people who know how to develop a good workout plan. It doesn’t. You can still write down “run 4 miles” or whatever your workout of choice is, and the 5 concepts above will still apply. If you’re dying in the middle of mile 2 you bet your butt you’re still making it to mile 4 simply because you wrote it down.

So if you’re looking  to make your workouts better regardless of what your goals are, writing down your workouts is my personal favorite “first step” to success.