Shrimp Stir Fry



10 shrimp*

1/2 pepper (any color)*

1/4 sweet onion*

1/2 head of broccoli*

2 eggs

3 garlic cloves

Olive oil

Teriyaki sauce

Liquid amino acids (soy sauce alternative)

Rice noodles (I use Annie Chun’s Pad Thai Rice Noodles)



  1. Boil water then add the rice noodles. Or just follow instructions on the box.
  2. Chop up pepper, onion, broccoli. Mince 2 garlic cloves.
  3. Heat olive oil in pan on medium, then toss in vegetables/garlic and stirfry for about 5-8 minutes.
  4. Take veggies out. Cook shrimp in pan (add 1 minced garlic clove) until opaque.
  5. Scramble eggs in its own pan.
  6. When everything is done, throw it all in one pan and cook on low/med heat.
  7. Add teriyaki sauce & liquid amino acids and mix it all up.
  8. Put it on a plate, take a pic of your beautiful creation, and enjoy!
  9. If you wanna go the extra mile, post it and tag @katescrivfit so I can admire it too!


*Shrimp and veggie amounts in ingredients section can be altered to however much you want. You can also be creative with the veggies you add! Leave a comment if you find delicious alterations.

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