I’ve always found it hard to relate to other fitness fanatics, even though I’m one myself. I was never “in” with the intense tracking or strict dieting or any of the other things that most of these fitness people raved about. Simply put, I’ve always just felt normal.

And that made me realize that if someone like me, who loves fitness and health, feels a little out of the loop with things, then people who are just starting to improve their health or even people who are already fit but just doing it for fun, must feel the same way.

I feel that there is a gap between those people who preach healthy living and those who are learning from them. Sometimes a healthy lifestyle seems so unattainable because the practices of most of the top fitness people are simply not realistic for your average person (no one is just “average,” but you get what I mean).

And that’s not to say anything is wrong with these trainer’s or influencer’s methods either – their styles obviously work for them and that is what they’re happy doing and that’s how it should be! I’m simply suggesting that this may not be the best method for most of us.

So that’s where the transparency comes in. Fit is getting real.

I want to convince you that living a healthy lifestyle is achievable and that there are realistic and sustainable ways for everyone to do this. You do not have to be a trainer to have six pack abs. You do not have to workout for hours a day 7 days a week to lose weight. You do not have to follow a strict diet just to consider yourself healthy.

I am the average person who over time have developed healthier, sustainable habits that have worked for me and I want to teach others to do the same. By learning what works for you and what your preferences are, you will finally be able to achieve those kickass goals you’ve always dreamed of for yourself.

Not only is it important to find real and sustainable ways to stay healthy, but I also wanted to add in a deeper layer of “realness” to show you what my day to day life, struggles and successes are.

And I’m hoping that after you see what really goes on behind the scenes, you’ll see that you’re so much closer to your goals than you think. You just gotta find it in yourself to commit to your health and make it a top priority.

I am not a professional. I am not a certified trainer. And I am not a nutritionist.

I do have a major in Exercise Science from the University of Michigan, experience interning at different gyms, and 2.5 years of online fitness coaching under my belt.

So while I may have a little more experience in the fitness realm than the average person, I still want to make the point that it was my own self-discovery and commitment to my health that has gotten me to where I am today. Not my degree or internships. And that’s why I know that you can do it too.

Do I think I have a perfect body? Absolutely not.

Do I think I’m healthy and do I feel good about myself? Absolutely.

So that’s my goal – for you to feel healthy and good about yourself. Maybe for you that means losing 20 pounds. Maybe that means getting a 6 pack. Maybe that simply means going to the gym once a week to increase your energy levels. Whatever it is, it’s time to start learning the real way to get you there.

From now on, fit is getting real.