Don’t Just Go…


The things I would do to be hiking Table Mountain and have @daltonstubbs scream this from the top of the mountain down to all 100 of us one more time.

South Africa is a world of its own and I was fortunate enough to experience it with 100 amazing students from around the U.S. with an organization called LeadAbroad.

For those of you who have never heard of it, LeadAbroad is an organization that combines study abroad, service and adventure into a once in a lifetime experience for students across the country. There are a ton of different locations to choose from and different program lengths as well. I went on DIRECT Cape Town which was a two-week trip to Cape Town, South Africa as a post-graduate trip that I can honestly say changed my life.

Within just 12 days I pretty much checked everything off my bucket list and then some. LeadAbroad partners with an awesome local adventure tour guide company that gave our group access to do some of the coolest things I’ve ever (and may ever) do.

I’ll be writing detailed posts about individual adventures, but here’s just a few of the things I️ experienced in 12 days:

– Bungee jumped off the tallest commercial bridge in the world

– Hiked Table Mountain – one of the 7 New Wonders of Nature

– Made our own blend of wine at a South African vineyard

– Went sandboarding and rode ATV’s through African sand dunes

– Went skydiving

– Went shark cave diving in open waters

– Took private surf lessons

– Went on an African Safari

– Visited an Elephant Sanctuary

– Volunteered at a local elementary school on 3 different days

On top of all the incredible activities, LeadAbroad seriously knows how to turn a group of strangers into best friends. Within literally 24 hours I had already made close friends who I still talk to today. By the end of the trip I felt that I had known these people for a lifetime. Quick shout out to Megan, Emily, Brenna, Kaleigh, Savanna, Sarah, Katie and Elizabeth for being the ultimate adventure junkie crew!

After my 26 hour trip home, I compiled all of the videos and pictures I took and created a little documentary video highlighting the best parts of my trip each day.

Whenever I feel the need to be inspired or want to look back on the best time of my life, I lay in my bed, watch it, and feel so thankful to have been able to experience something so life changing.  Simply watching this back reminds me that my heart belongs to the world – to exploring, learning and immersing myself in everything this world has to offer.

There’s literally so many cool things out there. So much is waiting for you. Let this be a reminder to take opportunities and risks and to just live a full life. For me, that includes traveling the world, but living a full life can mean just about anything you want it to.

Find your passion and just do it. Just go for it. Don’t wait around for things to happen – take charge this time. Start doing things you love, being around people you love, and being a person that you love.

I want to thank LeadAbroad for giving me an opportunity that made me feel so alive. They made this trip a stepping stone for how I want to live my life and showed me what attitude I want to live my life with too.

There’s those times that you look back to and realize how amazing life is – and this was one of those times. I will always love ya South Africa. TIA ❤️

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