I hope everyone is slowly coming out of their food comas and had themselves a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

I flew back home to Michigan for the holiday and spent time with my family at my Grandma Di and Grandpa Joe’s home Up North (for non-Michigan people this just means somewhere in northern Michigan, obviously). The week was spent eating lots of food, doing some fun activities and playing lots of games. And if you know me, you know I love my games.

On our first day, my family hit the gym to burn some extra calories before the big chow fest that was about to commence on Thanksgiving Day. My two brothers and my dad do their own lifting workout, while my sister, Mom and I do our circuits. Family workouts have always been something we love doing together, especially on the holidays when we’re all home together.

After our family workout, we met up with my grandparents at an indoor pickle ball court. Pickle ball is a sport that is like a cross between tennis and ping pong and is extremely fun and fast paced. My grandparents not only taught us how to play – they absolutely dominated us.

I’ve never seen grandparents that could move that fast. I would say that their athletic abilities surprised me, but they honestly didn’t. You should see these guys. They’re actually incredible.

If you want to live a long, adventure-filled and happy life, take some notes:

To start off, they’re avid golfers. They were actually the ones who taught me how to golf and we play every year together. They crush me every time. Also, they both play in senior leagues and each play about 3 rounds of 18 holes a week. They never pass up the opportunity to play a few more holes either.


As you can imagine, Northern Michigan gets a lot of snow. In the winter months (which ends up being like half of the year) they love to ski, snow shoe and cross-country ski on a regular basis.


On the flip side, there’s also nothing quite like Michigan summers. My grandparents love to take their boat out for long days on the lakes, frequently take kayaking and fishing trips on rivers around the area, and love doing adventurous activities with family and friends such as rafting down the Au Sable River and jumping off the top floor of a house boat… casual.


I learn so much from them – things that you can’t learn anywhere else. Their raw and natural passion for happiness and life is contagious. It’s also motivating to know that even into your seventies there’s so much to live for. They are true testimonies to the saying that “age is just a number.”


Health is achievable and sustainable at any age and at any phase of life and I truly believe that your health is what dictates the quality of your life. I mean look at them! Some 20 year olds can’t even do the things they do because they don’t value their health enough. Just imagine the life you could have if you put your health first, if you stayed active and if you found the fun in everything around you.

It’s really cool because not only am I extremely blessed to have all four of my grandparents still in my life, but I even grew up with four great-grandparents who lived to the ages of 87, 90, 92 and 99. Seeing not only my Grandma Di and Grandpa Joe, but also all of my other grandparents throughout the years live full and meaningful lives is something that I value and will always value for the rest of my life.