Week 2 is now in the books, and my challengers are still absolutely killing it. Even though exams/finals, the holidays and travel have made it a little more tough to stay 100% on track, people are still seeing results and loving the way these workouts are making them feel!

First for a few updates/changes I have made to the program this week:

  • Barcodes were added to each strength workout – simply scan the barcode, pull up the workout on your phone and every single video demonstration that goes with it. People have been loving the convenience!
  • I switched one of the cardio days to a different style of workout to add to even more variety during the week.
  • The organization of the strength days were rearranged to optimize performance in the week. It is now Lower Body on Monday, Upper Body on Wednesdays and Total Body on Fridays.
  • I officially sent in the first copy of the program to a distributer that is going to print and deliver each copy to every customer on demand! All you’ll have to do to order (when it’s available) is head to my website, submit your order, and they will professionally print, bind, and deliver the program right to your house:)


I wanted to again highlight some test group testimonials because these guys have been having some major success!

“I am finishing up the third week of the program and I am getting RESULTS!!! I am down 8 pounds in only three weeks!” – Rachel

“The workouts are still challenging and fun. I see my body toning and feel a lot better too” – Kaska

“So far I’m feeling stronger and stronger every workout.” – Kara

“Overall everything is going well! I’m not as tired during the tabata’s and I feel like I’m getting stronger in my abs which is nice! It’s so nice having things written down and a solidified program idea.” – Amanda

“I feel a lot stronger in the workouts” – Sam

“It’s the visual presentation and “in my face” mentality that help motivate and haunt me to go workout. Plus, I enjoy writing down my weight and checking things off a to-do list” – Jenna

“Week 2 in the books and feeling awesome” – Lauren

“The barcode/YouTube videos are so helpful because sometimes that’s the hardest part about a new program is not knowing what the exercise actually looks like” – Amanda


If things go as planned, FIGR: LEAN should be available by NEXT WEEK! 🙂 I want people to be able to use this program to hit their goals in 2018, so I’m trying to solidify things as quick as possible. I’ve already had so many requests to notify them when it comes out, and I’m seriously overwhelmed with all of the support so thank you to everyone who has made this so incredible so far! Make sure to email me or subscribe to this blog to be notified of any updates/release date!!

Have a happy Sunday evening everyone:)