The test-groupers and I have just finished week 3 of FIGR:Lean!

People traveling back home from school, schedule changes, holiday events and just life in general has created an added challenge for us, and although nobody is perfect, we’ve been able to stay on track! That’s the beauty of having a written plan in front of your face (literally) because it helps keep you motivated and moving forward.

And of course, the group accountability, daily check-ins and one-on-one chats has helped tremendously. It makes such a difference when you’re working through a program with other people – to see other’s progress and dedication in turn helps you stay more motivated as well!

Not being able to stay on track and motivated is the number one complaint that I have heard over my years of online training so, naturally, that’s the main thing I wanted this program to focus on. Here’s some of the components that I specifically included to help with this problem:

  1. It’s a physical book, and physically writing things down and having it right in front of your face has been proven to help achieve success and stay on track
  2. The Facebook group for other’s support, check-ins and accountability
  3. Full program calendar so you can physically check off each completed day
  4. Weekly planners that you fill in with your busy schedule so you can physically see what times you are able to workout (and then schedule them into your day)
  5. Healthy habits checklist (called the “Fit List”) to help you stay on track and focused on 5 simple things every day
  6. Me! For 24/7 support, check-ins and another layer of added accountability

So if staying on track has been your struggle in the past, this program will solve that for ya.

This week I asked my challengers what their favorite and least favorite/most challenging parts of the program were, so here are some of their responses:

“I love the program, my favorite and most challenging part is Total Body days! They’re a killer but I’m seeing results and I like that!” – Rue

“My favorite part would be the time it takes to get the workouts done and it’s still difficult. I can get it all done in under an hour which is great with a busy schedule” – Sam

“Favorite part is the amount of high intensity intervals. They force me to push myself past my limits. The most challenging part is telling myself I can do those AMRAP and CHIPPERS after the strength circuit” – Melissa

“My favorite part is having a set plan with variety but also some repeats so you could see where your strengths were (and where you needed to work on)! My least favorite part was adapting to the AMRAP and tabatas- those still have been kicking my booty” – Amanda

“I am feeling so good! I don’t have a scale, but being home with my fam this week, they do have one so I used theirs & I haven’t seen that number in a while!!” – Samantha

“I would say my favorite part about the workout is the two extra days to work in what you missed/ if you missed. That has eased me back into running again.” – Kaleigh

“My favorite part is honestly the workouts themselves! I feel like they can be so well modified for people with all different athletic backgrounds, but still also feel that they work every muscle possible.” – Emily 

I’m so excited with the progress of all my challengers so far and can’t wait for many more to try it out and start making progress themselves!!

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!:)