My new workout program, FIGR:Lean, is pretty different than those you may have seen in the past. And I wanted to make it different for a reason. I wanted to create a program that will deliver real results, that will help you gain confidence, and that you will actually stick to and complete! I’ve been running a test group for this program for the past 4 weeks (see their progress here, here and here) and I’m just so excited that this is now available to help you towards your goals. Here are 11 reasons why you are going to love FIGR:LEAN:

  1. The workouts…work. Pretty obvious given that it’s a workout program. But you will be doing a mixture of strength, cardio and interval workouts that I specifically included to help shred you head to toe. With one full day dedicated to lower body, one day dedicated to upper body, and one total body day, you will be hitting every muscle (even muscles you forgot you had) each week. Throw in two cardio-interval days, and other HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts on those strength days and you got one comprehensive workout program that has already proven to produce results.
  2. It’s a physical book. FIGR: LEAN is a physical workbook that will be professionally printed, bound, and shipped to your home. You will be able to physically write down your goals, daily food intake, check off checklists, and write in parameters from your daily workouts. Research has shown that physically writing things down rather than typing (or apps) helps significantly increase success, so I wanted to follow that same mindset. This may be a little different than other plans, but I’ve found from my own experience and those of my test-groupers that if you have something that is physically in front of you, then you have increased motivation and stick to the plan.
  3. Video instruction for every single movement. I have created QR codes for every single strength workout. Simply scan the code with any QR scanner in the app store, and it will lead you to a protected page. This page will pull up a full screenshot of your workout for the day so that you can bring just your phone to the gym (and not the entire booklet). The private page also includes video instruction of every movement in the order that you will be doing it that day so that there is no guesswork!
  4. You’ll get to learn new workouts. This program has unique and uncommon workout movements and workout structures that you may have never heard of or tried before. New workouts target muscles that you may not be used to working, which is what is going to create change in your body.
  5. You won’t get bored with the workouts. In FIGR: LEAN, workouts alternate every week, so you’ll only be doing the same strength workout every other week. In addition to that, in Month Two the intensity increases with increased repetitions for even more variety. Both of these factors make it so that your body never fully adapts to the workouts, which means that your body will constantly be changing and trying to adjust (aka getting results).
  6. It includes a food log. I know how important your diet is for getting results, so even though this is primarily a workout program, each day I included a food log that is meant for you to write down what you eat throughout the day. No counting, no tracking, just recording. For me, just that simple task has always helped hold me back from eating useless snacks or unhealthy foods because I know I’ll have to record every single thing. Additionally, this habit can easily stay a part of my lifestyle and is super easy and simple to do – and sustainability is the name of the game.
  7. You get workouts for 5 days a week. The workouts are set for Monday through Friday each week, with Saturday’s and Sunday’s left open for either rest days, to get more activity in, or to get a workout in that you may have missed during the week. This has really helped my test group because they know that they will be able to stay on course even if they miss one day because they can just make it up on the weekend!
  8. The workouts are structured. This program tells you your specific workout for each day of the week (Monday-Friday) so there is no guesswork once you get to the gym. Simply having a plan when walking into the gym ensures a better workout, and an effective plan ensures even better results!
  9. The workouts can easily be intensified or modified. I have created this workout plan so that a beginner and an elite athlete can both get optimal benefits from it. You can go as fast or as slow, as heavy or as light, or as easy or as hard as you need to on every single movement.
  10. An insane amount of accountability. By trying out my program, you will have the option to join the FIGR community via a Facebook group where you and others can post updates, success stories, questions, etc. to help them you on your journey. You will also gain access to my personal online coaching services where I can work with you one-on-one to answer more questions and help you out even more!
  11. You only need dumbbells! This program only requires dumbbells and any type of cardio equipment (or you could always use the great outdoors for cardio days as well), so if you have access to a basic gym or even just a set of dumbbells at home, that’s all you need.

So if after reading all this you think this program may just be the thing that helps you hit your goals – click here to try it out for yourself! Have a friend that you think would love it too? Share this with them and sign up together!:)