Berlin, Germany

Hallo from Germany!

This past week I have been visiting my boyfriend in Braunschweig, Germany where he will be living for the next few months while playing football for the New Yorker Lions. And football as in the normal American football with all the same rules and everything, not soccer (just for clarification).

For our first little adventure, we ventured over to Berlin for the day and it was absolutely stunning! There were so many things to see, and the train/bus system was able to take us to every spot we wanted to see all within the 6 hours we had there. We somewhat knew the places we wanted to visit, but we kind of just winged it most of the time and used a real paper map (remember those things?) to navigate our way around the city. That made it even more of an adventure & I highly recommend doing that in any big city you visit!

If you’re looking to travel to Berlin or are just curious about our trip there, here are all of the places we visited:

Charlottenburg Palace

We decided to head here first since it was the further location away from the Berlin central station and the other destinations we wanted to visit (about a 10-15 min train ride away). This is Berlin’s largest palace, and what you see in the pictures is only the middle of the building. You can’t even see the whole palace when standing in front of it it’s that big. It was 7 euros each to tour around the castle and for a guided audio set that tells you facts in each room. It was also 3 euros to be able to take pics inside which is a little odd but oh well, gotta have those pics! There is also a giant garden behind the palace, but since it’s that weird season in between winter and spring, it was pretty gloomy and dead so we decided to skip that part and visit it again this summer when everything has bloomed.

Berlin Wall

Such a cool site to see. Parts of the wall and frame of the wall still remain, and there is even a portion of the land that is still preserved as well (top left pic). In the memorial building across the street, there is a mini museum and stairs to walk up so that you can see the preserved ground. No entry fee for the museum either!

Brandenburg Gate

Another really awesome monument to see was the Brandenburg Gate. It looks even more epic in person! Definitely one of the bigger touristy areas but still definitely worth it to go see. Plus there are a ton of monuments around the same area (continue reading to see some of those) so you are able to hit up a lot of destinations in one swoop.


Berlin’s parliament building sits right on the other side of the Brandenburg Gate and is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. There was an option to pay for an indoor guided tour but we decided not to. I bet it would have been pretty cool though because you could walk up to the center dome (you can see it in these pics) and get a pretty nice view of Berlin.

Berlin Cathedral

Both of our favorite parts of the day was seeing/touring the Berlin Cathedral. I mean look at this thing! The tour was 7 euro each and included walking up to the very top of the center dome and getting a 360 view of Berlin. Then we walked back down to the basement to see the crypt where there were tombs from the 1000’s or so. It was insane. And a lot of the coffins had real crowns on top of them which was really neat to see. HIGHLY recommend checking this place out!


We were on the go all day and wanted to see everything we could so we ended up not eating until dinner time in the central station. We got the best fish and chips (better than the one I tried in England surprisingly) and finished it off in like 5 minutes. It was just too good of a meal not to include so just disregard this if it’s not the most interesting thing.

After a 3.5 hour train ride home (we screwed up and accidentally got the longer rides – but hey, it was half the price), we both crashed. But like the good kind of crashed where you just had the most fulfilling and exciting day full of so many awesome memories. That’s the feeling I live for.


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