After 3+ Years Of Coaching, THIS is the Reason People Don’t Reach Success

**Special opportunity at the end.  I promise it’s important.**

To give a little background on myself (hi, my name is Katelyn), I started my coaching journey when I was a sophomore at the University of Michigan by becoming an Independent Beachbody Coach. I will forever be grateful for that opportunity because it really opened the door to this coaching world.

In addition to my experience of coaching hundreds of clients and developing other coaches through Beachbody, I also majored in Movement Science (just a fancy name for exercise science) at Michigan, interned and/or worked at Applied Fitness Solutions and Title Boxing, earned my Masters in Management at Duke University and started my own fitness company, KateScrivFit, where I’ve been blessed to have helped hundreds of more people.

Now I’m not saying any of this to brag (although I am very proud of my hard work these past few years), but I just wanted to emphasize that I’ve coached a lot of people, worked with people in many different fields, and have gotten a pretty good idea of why some reach success, while others fall off their path.

So what DOES differentiate those who succeed?

One word: mindset. 

It is NEVER physical limitations or external circumstances that stop someone from succeeding. It is ALWAYS that person’s attitude, motivation and mental toughness that help them reach their goals.

Let’s think of it in this scenario: you get a workout/diet plan and are SO pumped, you can’t wait to get to the gym. You go in for day one, KILL IT, feel so proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back. You do this for about a week, then on the weekend something pops up that throws you a bit off track. You wake up Monday morning exhausted, tell yourself you’ll get to the gym tomorrow, and then tomorrow turns into the next day (next month..) and you completely fall off. Back to ground zero.

What was the REAL cause of that person failing to stay on track? The mentally weak may say things like “I was too tired” or “I had suchhhh a busy week, I just couldn’t find the time.” When in REALITY that person lacked motivation, let external circumstances dictate their next steps, and chose to take the easier path (which is what the mentally weak tend to do).

I know we’ve all felt this to some extent, even myself, but it’s just a bunch of bs!! Being too harsh? I don’t really think so because we all need to toughen up a bit.

So now that we know that your mindset TRULY dictates every step you take in life, how do we go about increasing that mental strength and developing a success mindset?

I’ve been trying to figure out for years how to keep people motivated, on track, and to get them to reach their goals. What I’ve learned is that it all has to come from inside that person – I can show them in the right direction, but each person ultimately decides what path they’ll take.

Now the question becomes: how do you get that person to choose to become mentally strong? To choose to stay on their path, to not give up, and to ultimately reach their goals? (Because it truly is a CHOICE).

It wasn’t until recently that I figured it out:

You provide them with small doses of motivation and mental strengthening tools consistently overtime to transform their mind.

Let’s break it down a bit.

Small doses: if one of the main reasons that people get off track is because of a “lack of time” then what good would having long drawn out trainings do? Keeping things in small doses helps to “ingest” the content better, helps you stay with it longer AND gives you those quick wins to keep you motivated, one step at a time.

Consistently: It’s not enough to read one book, find one good quote, or listen to one good speaker. Although that’s a great start, that inspiration you gained will only last a few days or weeks past initially hearing that idea. You must consistently be taking in those pieces of truth every single day.

Over time: okay, so now you’re consistent and you’ve mastered that habit. If you’re only consistent for one month, your results are going to be limited! Like the old quote says, “good things take time” – mental strength is no exception. Actually, gaining mental toughness will probably take longer than anything else you’ll ever do, but it’ll also be the most rewarding and smartest thing you’ll ever do too.

Tools: here’s where it gets good. What exactly are motivation and mental strengthening tools? Where do you find them? Is it worth it to invest in them – will audios, videos and books really make a difference in my life?

Here’s the answers: you find them here. And yes, they will change your life.

Earlier this year I partnered with a leadership and personal development organization that self-produces life changing content in any area of life – fitness, finances, relationships, professional and personal development, the list goes on. These guys have produced two of the top 50 leadership experts in the world (which is more than any other company in the world) so you know that these trainings are somethin else. I personally have been engaging in the content and community for months, and just that has totally transformed my life.

We recently decided to open up the floor to help some clients engage in the same content (because why would you keep something to yourself when it’s been so transformative for you). We called it our “Success Community.” After just 4 weeks, here’s what they had to say:

“This program has been absolutely fantastic for me! It wasn’t just about striving for success, but about being a better person and leading a healthier lifestyle, mentally and physically. I did have a lot going on in my life, what with moving after graduation and adjusting to work life, etc. But I have to say, the talks helped me through all of it! It motivated me to make even the smallest of changes in my life for maximum returns. I have become more active and positive in my mindset, and more hardworking (I hope my boss agrees). I’m so glad I was part of this test group! Would do it all over again.”

“What really helped me going into this group was staying open minded! I wrote notes on every single talk, so that I can look back and refer to them whenever I need a little bit of help! I can honestly say that I feel like a new person when it comes to motivation with my life. Not even just working out and eating healthy, but with every single aspect! And that’s really saying something because I am a motivated person to begin with. This month has changed my life and I couldn’t be more thankful!”

“Going into the SUCCESS group, I was a little unsure how it was going to change my life. I thought that I was motivated, organized person, ate healthy, worked out every day, and had positive thinking, but I was wrong. I had SO much room for improvement. After only a month of being in this group, I soon realized how much I needed to grow, and SUCCESS lead me in the direction to do that. Being able to listen to the audios/talk on your own time is a perfect way to decompress from the day. To me, they were little personal therapy sessions. For each talk, I was able to reflect on my day and incorporate the talking points into my next day. After day 1, I was hooked on the talks. This group that has been put together is a perfect mix of gaining so much impeccable information and becoming a better you as a whole. They picked audios with different topics each day so we could get the most exposure to as much information as we could. From: mental strength, life skills, organization, self-confidence, productivity, after every talk I was motivated to become a better version of myself. I would recommend this group to anyone who is in need of a little motivation to become a better version of themselves in every area of their life. I have used so many points from each talk in my everyday life now and have already seen a dramatic change in my motivation, positivity, and energy level!”

Pretty inspiring huh? I thought so. But what exactly was it that helped myself and our Success Community members get these kind of results in just 4 weeks?

We read. We listened. We associated. That’s it.

For 30 min or so a day we’d plug into life changing content, whether it was on our walk to work, at the gym, cleaning around the house, just random times throughout the day. So pretty much we just used the time we were already spending with other stuff and added on a motivational layer to it. No extra time commitment necessary.

30 min a day. 5-6 days a week. Small doses of life changing content, consistently, over time. That’s what it will take for to get you the mental strength needed to conquer any goal and accomplish any dream you have in your life.

You know what else it will take? An investment in yourself. You spend money on food to nourish your body. Likewise, you need to give your mind the food it needs. And good food doesn’t come free.

Luckily for you, it will only take $2 a day to feed your mind. Contrast that with like $30+ a day to feed your body (also very important), but just making a point here. If your mind is the decision maker and is the factor that is going to get your body to do what you want it to do, don’t you think that investing in your mind might be a smart thing to do?

ANYWAYS. I wouldn’t have written an insanely long blog post about this if it wasn’t something that I know could change your life. Our Success Community launches tomorrow, August 6th, and I want you to start reaching success. No more failed attempts. No more defeat and sorrow. I have your solution – you just have to take it. I cannot change for you, but I will help you every step of the way. I’ve been helping clients for over 3 years, and I now have the tools to help you with the one thing that normally holds us back – your mindset.

Our minds are important. You are important. You deserve success in every area of your life. The first step to success is simply filling out the form below to simply get more information. No commitment necessary! Then, with your permission, we will get you living the life you want to live and achieving the goals you’ve been dreaming of.




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