Read This Before Joining a Home Based Business

I want to preface this by saying that I’ve been a part of (and still am a part of) two different home based businesses. Or network marketing companies, whatever you wanna call them. I’ve also created an independent business of my own that is unaffiliated with any kind of company.

I have also earned my bachelors degree from the University of Michigan, a masters degree from Duke University, and am currently employed at the Fortune 1 company.

I don’t say any of this to brag or make myself seem more important. I say this because I want to show you that I’ve had experience in all different fields. I am not bashing college or professional degrees, because I have both. I am not bashing traditional jobs, because I am currently employed. I am not bashing entrepreneurs who start their own things independent of a business system, because I have done that as well.

Amongst all the different paths I’ve been on in life, I can honestly say that being a part of home based businesses has had the largest positive influence on the life I feel I am meant to live. More so than my college and professional degrees, as well as my employment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m incredibly thankful for all the opportunities I’ve had and have loved everything else I’ve done too, but in terms of the future I want for myself, nothing can offer me the life I want like the home based business I’m a part of. And that doesn’t meant that that should be your path too – that’s just what I’ve found fits me and my dreams best.

This is not a post to convince you to join me, but rather for all the others out there who are a part of a home based business (or are thinking about/interested in joining one) to know what to expect when you accept such an opportunity. I have been in this field for about 4 years now, so I’ve seen a lot and learned a lot about how people treat this career path and what to expect when you’re on the journey.

All this being said, here are 6 different things to consider if you’re thinking about joining a home based business:


1) Be ready to take some heat

I’ve been blessed to have a supportive family and close ones, but reality is that most people will be skeptical of your choice to join one of these businesses. Your friends, your family, co-workers, significant others, literally be ready for anyone you know to form an opinion about what you’re doing. And not only be ready, but be okay with it and still go after your dreams anyways. They’re simply trying to protect you. Maybe they had a bad experience with a company before. Maybe they knew someone who had a bad experience. Maybe they know nothing about the industry and see everything as a huge scam. It’s not their fault – they just don’t have the mindset that you do. And that’s okay. Their opinion and your opinion are just different – neither person is wrong.  Be thankful for their concern, but go along on your path and prove them wrong with your actions, not your words. Maybe you can be the person who changes their mind. Your opinion is the only one that matters in the long run, so be hesitant when taking opinions of others who don’t know anything about the field. It’s not being rude, it’s simply being smart. You wouldn’t take someone’s opinion on how to go about brain surgery if they weren’t a doctor would you? Same thing goes here (except this is much less life-threatening).

2) You’re going to have to invest your time and money

And if you don’t, then you’ve definitely just joined a scam. You are starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur. Normally that means investing thousands in up front costs and hundreds of other things that’d take too long to list, but with the rise of home based businesses, you can now start a business for only a couple hundred dollars. A lot of times, people will join a business and expect to get results without putting any money or any effort into it, then wonder why it didn’t work. Other times people will put money into the business, do nothing with the tools they purchase, don’t get the results THEN tell others it’s a scam because the company just wanted them to buy things. And although there are companies out there like that, for the ones that are legitimate it’s just another excuse that people with the wrong mindset make for why something didn’t work. It’s not the business model, it’s the person who didn’t use the model correctly. And as any professional would agree with, there is a difference between an investment and an expense – investments generate some kind of return, which is exactly what you’re doing when you get started with a business. What better thing to invest in than yourself and a vehicle that will help you get your dreams.

3) Treat it as a real business

Carrying on the context from my last point, too many people see the low up front cost as a reason to not take their opportunity seriously. That’s why a lot of people fail in home based businesses, which is then why this business model get a bad rep. If you don’t take your opportunity seriously, you won’t get the results you want. Same goes for literally anything in life. For those that don’t take things seriously, they’ll most likely quit prematurely and tell everyone it was a scam (or worse, force that opinion upon others who are interested in joining a similar kind of business). The failure was simply a lack of dedication and commitment, not a fault of the home based business. You have to realize that this is a legitimate career path and then TREAT IT as one too.

4) Get used to rejection

No matter what you offer, not everyone in the world is going to want it (even if you think they need it). Timing, one’s financial situation, lack of interest or lack of need, and a whole handful of other factors can prevent someone from wanting your help or your products and that is not in your control. Yes, you can help show someone that what you offer can solve a problem they have, but you cannot force someone to say yes. So get used to the no’s. In fact, get used to a hundred, thousand, and thousands more no’s throughout your lifetime. Not just in a home based business, but in any industry or area of life! I heard a statistic that most salespeople (around 60% or so) will quit after getting 2-3 no’s. TWO TO THREE. Seriously, grow some skin. You can’t sell a car to someone who’s not in the market for buying a car. Same thing goes for you – you can’t sell your product to someone who’s not currently in the market for it. Become okay with the no’s and have enough belief in yourself to carry on your mission and you’re one huge step closer to your goals already.

5) If others have succeeded, you can too

When people first get started, so many will see all the success of the top leaders in the organization and at first may be inspired by their achievements, but then lose faith in themselves that they can actually reach the same heights. They get discouraged because all they look at is the gap between where they are and where the leaders stand, rather than focusing on the opportunity that is there when they close in on that gap. You have to realize that they started right where you are. That’s one of the things I love most about this business model, is that anyone who has achieved success had to earn it – we give ourselves our own promotions by working hard and putting in the effort. There are no favorites, no politics, no organizational barriers (if you’re in the right kind of home based business), and no excuses as to why you can’t be sitting in a top leadership position. The reason why they are successful and you aren’t (YET) is because they have put in the necessary effort, consistently over time, to be where they are. You wouldn’t go into a traditional job and within the first year expect to be the CEO would you? That CEO had to go through years of experience, learning and dedication to get there. So will you.

6) Be proud of the organization you’re a part of and the impact you’re making

For me, I would be a part of my company whether I made money or not. To go a step further, I would continue to buy every single product my company offers even if I was not a member. The personal growth, the mindset shift, the financial literacy gained and the impact I’m making in others lives to help them achieve their goals is the most fulfilling feeling I could imagine. I want to keep this blog post company-neutral and unbiased, but just know that whatever company you join, you should feel similarly. You should love the company you’re a part of. You should love what you offer to others and the products you sell. You should benefit from these products yourself, and they should make your life significantly better. The business model and the income you make should support your dreams as well – but if you make it just about the money, you’re toast. People will know when you’re trying to sell them versus when you’re trying to truly help them. And when you have such a passion and belief in your company’s mission and offerings, people will feel that energy and know that you’re looking to actually improve their life.


Bottom line is, if you have a dream that’s bigger than your obstacles, you’re golden. The only way to start living the life you’ve always wanted is to start now and just go for it.


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