My Honest Review of Legion Athletics Whey+ and Pulse Pre-Workout Supplements

I’ve always been skeptical of supplements & the entire supplement industry as a whole, to be honest. I always thought that people who use supplements were either meat heads, trying to go about fitness the wrong or “fake” way, or were just trying to get that “quick fix” for themselves instead of putting in all the hard work.

So when Legion Athletics approached me to try out their products, I was not necessarily excited. However, I had nothing to lose and I think it’s always good to try out new things to form your own personal opinion (rather than forming an opinion without any evidence, like I had always done). After talking with them and researching the company for a bit, I found that they were actually backed by science (and definitely go out of their way to prove that, in a good way). Long story short, I ended up agreeing, and chose to tryout their Whey+ French Vanilla protein powder, and Pulse (their pre-workout brand).

I received the Whey+ and Pulse about a month and a half ago and decided I’d give them a full try before I told anyone about it or dished out recommendations. Here’s what I found, from my own personal experience:

**This article does not talk about the science/ingredients or anything else that you could easily find on their website. This post only talks about my personal opinion of the products I’ve tried without any influence from Legion to write this post. **

First we’ll review Whey+:

If you’re looking to get more protein in your diet, Whey+ is your answer.

I hit the gym in the morning before work, so I’m in a constant rush after I finish my workouts to get to the office. Problem is, it’s so important to get protein (and other good stuff) in your body within an hour of completing your workout to help with muscle growth and to decrease muscle protein breakdown.

SO after my workouts I’ve been mixing a scoop of Whey+ with almond milk as part of my post-workout meal and within this last month I’ve actually felt the effects. Which feels weird for me to say because I’ve always been so against protein powders, but this one actually produced results.

And of course, it would be naive of me to think that simply adding Whey+ to my diet has accounted for all of the results I’ve seen lately, but I’ve never consistently fed by body correctly after my workouts (because of being in a rush, lack of convenient healthy food, etc.) and Whey+ has been the perfect solution to this problem. Plus adding more protein to your diet is always an added benefit.

On top of this, I’ve never liked protein powders because they tasted bad, and when something tastes bad there’s a 0% chance you’ll see me drinking that over the long term. Whey+ French Vanilla actually tastes GOOD, and good not in the sense that I can bare it just enough to drink it, but to the point where I look forward to drinking it. Kinda tastes like a treat to me. Idk, maybe I’m weird, BUT having a delicious taste definitely keeps me consistently drinking Whey+ daily!

I’ve also been adding a half scoop of Whey+ to my paleo pancakes (I know, kinda defeats the purpose, but I’m not paleo anyways) and to my protein pancakes for an even greater protein boost. Just as tasty. Extra protein. Win win.

Now for the pre-workout, Pulse:

I’ve tried other pre-workouts before, and have kind of always been a fan, so I was actually excited to see if Pulse would be able to top the ones I’ve liked in the past.

To add on to my early morning story – I wake up around 6 am and leave the apartment around 6:30 to head to the gym. It’s also probably good to note that I don’t like coffee and never have, so I’ve never had that “energy” source in the morning besides my workout and my attitude. Anyways, I’ve been drinking Pulse on my 15 min walk to the gym most mornings to 1) wake me up and 2) get me ready for my workout.

I can’t say that drinking Pulse has been the sole reason that’s helped me stay awake and energized throughout the day, but I can tell that it’s certainly helped. To be more realistic, I think the combination of working out and drinking Pulse every morning has helped keep me fully focused, energized and motivated throughout each day. I’ve noticed that on the days I don’t workout before work and on the days where I workout, but forget my pre-workout, that those are the days I “hit the wall” so to speak and can feel my eyes literally falling shut.

Another thing to note is that not once have I ever felt the jitters or the crash & burn effects that are common with most pre-workouts. Which is definitely a huge plus, and something that normally would prevent someone from taking pre-workout in the first place – but Legion has found a way to create an effective formula without all the negative side effects.

I’ve currently been trying out the blue raspberry flavor of Pulse (which is freaking delicious), and I just ordered the new pink lemonade flavor which is equally (if not more) delicious! They have a bunch of other great flavors too, which I’m sure taste just as good.

All in all, I’m happy that I got over my previous skepticism and stayed open minded when trying these Legion products because it’s truly helped my health, my performance and my progress these past few months! You definitely get what you pay for – which is quality, effectiveness and results.

After having such a good experience with the company, I decided to partner with them! Access their products through the link below:)

Trust me, I wouldn’t take a few hours of my weekend to write a long post about something that I didn’t believe in or that hasn’t truly benefitted my health. If you have any questions about their products, either head to the link below where they explain the science behind every single product they offer, or feel free to message me/leave a comment if you’d like to know more about my personal experience!

Get Legion Products HERE

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