Holiday Gift Guide: 11 Gifts To Get For Your Fitness Lover

The holidays are right around the corner and we all know how (seemingly) impossible it is to find quality gifts for our loved ones.

SO I thought I would compile all my favorite brands, products, programs & all into one nice lil blog post to help you figure out the best things to get for your fitness lover! PLUS I’ve included some insane deals for all you to help make holiday shopping a little easier on the wallet. You’re welcome:)

Now fitness doesn’t just include the physical/visual side of things, but also encompasses mental fitness and financial fitness. To truly optimize your life you’re going to need all three. And what more could we want for our loved ones than for them to be happy in all areas of their life, am I right? Hey, maybe you’ll even want to get something for yourself this holiday season.

P.S.: I was able to partner with some of these brands to give you guys BIG discounts, and others are just products I’ve used and loved, but every single item listed here is something I have personally stand by and would promote to anyone anywhere!!

Happy shopping!


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1) FIGR: Shred

Okay of course I’m going to promote my fitness programs because (with as little bias as possible) they’re freaking great. You can check out all the details on my FIGR:Shred page , but in short it is an 8 week full body sculpting program that requires no equipment (nada) and are only 30 minute workouts! Extremely effective, and the crowd has loved it. FIGR:Shred comes as a physical workbook so it’s something you could wrap up all nice & pretty as an actual gift! 20% off on 11/23 only!

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2) FIGR: Lean

Annnnd my other fitness program! FIGR:Lean details can be found on my FIGR:Lean page, but in short it is an 8 week full body program that focuses more on building strength with weighted circuits. These workouts are more around 1 hour long, and the program is a definite crowd pleaser. Check out my clients testimonials to see for yourself. Lean also comes as a physical workbook, and again would make a nice wrapped present. 20% off on 11/23 only!

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3) Total Personal Development

This is my secret weapon. Physical fitness is important, but mental fitness is where true happiness stems from. Every single day I plug into the Total Personal Development app, which is a curated app loaded with thousands of personal development audios from a variety of speakers, all with the intention to help you develop your mind. Physical limitations are rarely the reason as to why you don’t achieve a goal or reach success, it’s almost always due to a lack of mental strength, lack of motivation, or a quitting mentality. Which, not surprisingly, all stem from your mental fitness. Your mind controls LITERALLY every single thing you do, so don’t you think it’s time to start investing in it? This app is actually only available to customers and members of our Life community, so email me at for more details.


4) 123FRE Kit 

Don’t forget that healthy skin is part of a healthy life! I’ve been using FRE products this past year and I’ve never had such clear & vibrant skin. The 123FRE kit includes a cleanser, moisturizer and serum to radically improve your skin. FRE also offers a tinted moisturizer (Glow Me) and a face mask (Detox Me) that I have absolutely loved as well. This line is specifically made for women who workout (aka sweat a lot), and specializes in combatting sweat-induced skin damage like breakouts, acne, dehydration and sun damage. I will never use another line again, that’s all I have to say. You guys can get the 123FRE Kit (and all other products) 50% OFF using code KSF at! This offer only applies to the first 1000 kits sold on 11/23!

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5) Financial Fitness Program

Physical fitness, mental fitness, and now financial fitness. Hands down the most influential program in my life has been this Financial Fitness program. Finances are often an area of huge stress in someone’s life so why not make the rest of their lives a lil more stress free by helping them learn the principles & money mindset it takes to be fully financially secure? This program teaches the offense (making more money), defense (getting out of debt & staying out of debt) and the playing field (economics of money) to help people actually change their mindset about money – which is the only way that true lasting change will ever persist. Email me at for more details.

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6) FitCover Full Experience Kit

It’s hilarious to me that I’m promoting a makeup line given my 0 makeup skills, but that’s actually why FitCover is so incredible. I no longer have to use liquid foundation, cover up, primer or highlighters – all I do is apply one light layer of Fitcover’s mineral active foundation & I’m all set! This makeup is sweat-proof (actually legit, even with the amount I sweat), vegan, made with all the best ingredients, and just all around effective. I’m also obsessed with the Superfood HIIT Serum, which is formulated to actually nourish your skin while you wear your makeup. The Full Experience Kit includes your shade of Mineral Active Foundation, a sample pack of all shades, as well as their Kabuki brush, which is quite possibly the softest thing that’s ever touched my face. All around incredible products! Head to and use code BF30 for a 30% discount from 11/23 to 11/26!

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7) Women’s Best BCAA Amino

My newest obsession, Women’s Best, is the most dominant women’s-focused supplement company to date. My personal favorites are the BCAA Amino, pre-workout booster, their protein bars and their protein pancake mix. Also lil tip for those of you who have a ton of cravings at night, I’ve been drinking my BCAA Aminos at night and it’s helped get my urges under control, which had always been near impossible for me, but look @ me now! Definitely not the main use for BCAA’s (its mainly for muscle repair/growth), but any added benefit is always good:) All products in their line can be found at and lucky you, you can get up to 50% off PLUS 5 free gifts with every order! No discount code needed.


8) Shakeology

It wouldn’t be a proper list of my favorite things if I didn’t include Shakeology. Shakeology is a superfood-packed shake that ensures you’re feeding your body everything it needs on a daily basis. I won’t get into all the details here, but you can read up on all the ingredients & benefits on their webite (linked below). I have been drinking Shakeology on a regular basis (almost daily) since 2015 and I STILL feel the benefits after all these years. So that says something. My favorite flavor it the Tropical Strawberry Vegan, and I mix it with rice milk, coconut water, frozen berries and strawberry kefir! Use this link to learn more and order up!


9) Legion Athletic’s Whey+

Yet another company that has INCREDIBLE, science-based products. I especially love their Whey+ protein powder and Pulse (their pre workout)!! I’ve never craved protein drinks before because quite honestly, they don’t taste very good, but Legion’s Whey+ is the only one I’ve every truly loved. It’s actually delicious. You can check out Whey+ and their full line of products at . Using the code FRIDAY18 through the link above will give you 25% off everything on site 11/21-11/26.

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10) Financial Fitness Services 

So now that you’ve learned all the principles and fundamentals of proper financial management from the Financial Fitness program, now you’re going to have to actually apply what you learned in order to see changes in your finances. That’s where the Financial Fitness Services come into play. This app is designed for ongoing assistance in your financial life & I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. It tracks every single penny I spend, categorizes everything so I know where it’s going, spits out all my tax forms & filings for my businesses, and EVEN includes an entire website with free savings on thousands of locations, includes free legal services (incredible, I know), offers more financial literacy training videos & audios, and the list goes on. Simply email me at if your fitness lover could benefit from these services – they can thank you later.


11) Personal development books 

In addition to audios, reading books is another huge factor in developing a healthy mindset. I wanted to list a few of my personal favorites for you guys in case you want to give the gift of a success mentality!

  • High Performance Formula by Brendon Burchard
  • The Magic of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
  • Launching A Leadership Revolution by Orrin Woodward
  • You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero
  • The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes
  • The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod
  • The Ant and the Elephant by Vince Poscente


Hopefully you got a few good ideas here, and as always I’m open for any questions you may have! Again to reiterate, I have used and am currently using every single one of these products/programs and I would never use or promote something I didn’t totally believe in.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving, stress-free Black Friday, and a Merry Christmas. PS remember to always put your health first:)


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