Why people fail in (and out) of the gym

We all know the basic ingredients for living a healthy life.

Exercise. Eat clean. Stretch. Sleep.

There are thousands of workout programs, thousands of coaches, thousands of meal plans & recipes. Yet the majority of people you run into are either not happy with their bodies, are overweight, out of shape, lack confidence or some combination of them all. And if they are in a good spot with their health, too many times these people are still unsatisfied, or end up falling in and out of their “prime.”

Which begs the question – why?

Why do people still lack the long term results they want SO bad when there are SO many resources to help them get the exact thing they desire?

Because everyone is focused on the wrong thing.

People are so focused on the external results that they forget the very thing that will help them get there.

Have you ever realized that every single action, habit, word, creation and physical component in life once originated as a thought?

Thoughts are the true source of all achievements and all failures. Which means that what you feed your mind that forms your thoughts is the single most important component in your entire life.

What if you started feeding your mind with the right “food”?

Think about this for a sec.

We feed ourselves daily, and the very food that goes into our mouths is triggered by your brain telling you to buy that food, prepare it, put it on a fork, and stick it in your mouth. If it’s a cheeseburger, your mind is telling you to eat it. If it’s a salad, your mind is telling you to eat it. Different thoughts = different diets = different outcomes.

In other words, what we feed our bodies actually comes from what we feed our mind. Feeding your mind motivating, encouraging & powerful thoughts turns into you putting healthy greens, proteins, and nutritious everything in your body.

Let’s take it to the gym now.

Right now, before tapping into your brains full potential, you probably have had thoughts like:

  • I just don’t have time today
  • One day off won’t really make a difference
  • I’m exhausted, maybe tomorrow
  • I’ll start when my schedule gets less busy

(that last one is personally the one I hear the most, and the funniest one to me too)

If you start plugging into information on a daily basis, long term, that tells you things like…

  • If you never take actions, you’ll never see results


  • Do whatever it takes, for as long as it takes, to be the best you can be


  • Every day closer takes you closer to or further from your goals

… don’t you think that might do a bit to the way you live your life?

After over a year of plugging in, I can confirm that 110%.

Since using this new app, I have successfully completed every workout or diet program I’ve attempted. I’ve more than tripled my savings accounts. I’ve had the motivation and drive to hit the gym 5-6 times a week for over a year straight. I’ve grown my businesses to new heights. I’ve helped create way more transformations in others than I thought possible. And that’s all only in the first year.

Now I’m not saying this to gloat – I’m telling you this to try in the best way I can to show you that this is the real “secret.” And that you can have these results too.

If you don’t invest in the right information to change your current thinking, don’t expect to see any change in your habits, your diet, your workouts, or your results. Cheap out on your personal improvement and you cheap out on yourself. It’s just the way it goes.

Fortunately for us, it only takes $12 a month (that’s $0.40 a day) to totally transform your thinking. With no extra time commitment added to your day either. Ever find yourself watching TV? Listening to the radio or reading a trash magazine? What about sitting at your desk at work, running outside, lifting at the gym, cooking, cleaning and showering? Those times are now the time where you can radically transform your life. 

I dare you. Try it.

Every FIGR workout program now comes with 30 days (FREE) of the exact mental fitness training app myself and thousands others have used over the past year to alter their health, physically and mentally. And when I say alter – I mean alter.

If it doesn’t improve your life, we will refund you the $12 within those first 30 days 100% money back guarantee. No one ever has opted for this refund, but we still stick to our guns.

I would say take your time and think about it, but honestly there’s not enough time in this life of yours to live below your potential anymore. If you do not like where you are, or believe there is more in you, you cannot expect to experience any changes without first investing in a different mindset.

Your current level of thinking got you to where you are now. Which means if you do not change your thinking, you will not change. Period.

Level up.

Do not kid yourself that you will read this blog post, or listen to one motivational audio and be set for living a new life. You need consistent and constant reinforcements and that’s exactly what this mental fitness training will do. You’ll just have to trust me.

To get started, checkout any of my FIGR programs here, or if you’re looking for just the mental fitness training, follow the instructions here.

And for any questions, feel free to message me at @katescrivfit or at katescrivfit@gmail.com.

I absolutely cannot wait for you to start living the life you know you deserve. It all starts with a single thought.

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