Full gym interval and strength programming to become your fittest.

Barbell, dumbbell & kettlebell based workouts programmed for you daily
Develop strength and improve your overall fitness level
The same workouts you’d do in our class at a fraction of the cost

FIGR:Elite is an ongoing monthly app subscription that provides daily interval & strength workouts to help you become your fittest.


Inside the FIGR:Elite App

Start each day with a plan.

Open the app, check your to-do list, and hit the ground running.

Use your energy to perform workouts, not create them.

Each workout includes a detailed overview, video instruction, tracking features & more.

We love seeing you win.

Earn badges, create winning streaks, and have all of your achievements tracked to keep you moving forward and motivated.

Connect with Apple Watch, FitBit, Garmin & MyFitnessPal.

Capture the bigger picture by tracking nutrition, steps, sleep & more. Perform your interval workouts straight from your Apple Watch as well.

Sierra’s Story:

“I’ve never been able to stick a program out, trust me, I’ve tried MANY times over the past 5 years. Your program is truly amazing, so fun, so flexible and actually gives real results!!

Your program has not only helped me shed the weight but actually replace it with muscle! I have never felt strong before and now I have baby arm muscles. This has pushed me to change my habits too.

I’m down over 20 pounds! Having the personal touch of being able to message you and get to know you is such a huge part of what this program brings!”

Workout Details

  • STRUCTURES: Examples include strength circuits, timed intervals, supersets, AMRAPs, Chippers and more.

  • VARIETY: it’ll be just like coming to one of our in person classes – every day is different!
  • DURATION: each workout will take about 45-60 minutes to complete
  • DAYS PER WEEK: you’ll have 4-5 fully programmed workouts each week – includes warm-up and core.
  • INSTRUCTION: each workout includes written instruction & each exercise includes video demonstration


Never worry about programming your own workouts again

Half the battle is figuring out what to do at the gym. The other half is figuring out effective workouts that are worth your time.

When you subscribe to FIGR:Elite, you’ll always have a plan AND confidence knowing your workouts will get you stronger and fitter.


Equipment needed

  • Barbell & bumper plates

  • Dumbbells – a full set is recommended (10-50lb) but it’s dependent on your fitness level

  • Kettlebells – one or two weight options is fine
  • Loop Bands – the ones that go around the ankles or knees for things like banded squats
  • Resistance Bands – if needed for pull-ups

When you join FIGR, working out goes from something you feel you have to do to something you want to do.

Kristen’s Story:

“I feel so amazing both mentally and physically! The workouts kick my butt every single time & I started seeing results in just a few weeks!

Before starting FIGR, I became so bored & unmotivated that I stopped going to the gym. FIGR has completely changed my mindset and I honestly look forward to these workouts!

Not only are the programs amazing, but so is Katelyn & Anthony! They are so supportive and there for you every step of the way. They truly want you to improve all aspects of your life!

I would recommend FIGR to anyone and everyone. I can promise you that you won’t regret it!”

We are in it with you.

As part of your subscription, you’ll get private 1 on 1 messaging access to us within the app for any personal questions, concerns or needs.

It’ll be us every single time – not a bot or customer service.

Getting started is easy

In less than 5 minutes you could already be crushing your first workout.


Purchase subscription through the link below (not the app store).



Follow prompts after purchase to download the app and log in.


Log in, check your to-do list, and get moving!

Want to try some workouts before subscribing?

Try 7 full workouts, on us. You won’t even have to enter your credit card!


No automatic charge after trial = 100% risk free.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must first purchase the subscription here. You will then be prompted to create a username and password and to download the app. Once the app is downloaded, you’ll use your newly created username and password to log into the app. Your purchased program will already be set up and ready to go!

Every workout can be rearranged in your app’s calendar so if you miss a workout you can always move it to one of your rest days. This is a great feature to fit your workouts into your own schedule.

The movements within each workout are primarily body weight and dumbbell based. Other equipment we use include barbells, kettlebells and a box. If you’ll be working out from home, you can easily substitute any barbell or kettlebell movement with dumbbells. There are also alternative movements and modifications for most movements within the app.

Yes. The app is under the name FIGR Training App (not just FIGR) on both platforms.

You are not automatically subscribed to the FIGR Training App after the 7 day free trial is over. You must manually subscribe after the trial. Therefore, you can either start with the 7 day free trial, or start right away with the full $19.99 subscription option.

Additionally, you must enter your card to get the free trial, your card will not be used until you manually subscribe at the end of the 7 days.

Yes. Once you purchase your app subscription, that card will be used to pay for the app each month on the date of original purchase.

Yes. There is no contract (you just pay month to month) and you can cancel at any time. Once you self-cancel your subscription, you’ll still have access to the remainder of the month that you already paid for. To cancel, you must sign into the web version of the app with your credentials at then go to “My Accounts” then “My Purchases” then click the 3 dots in the right corner to click “Cancel Auto-renew.”

If you are not satisfied with your program, you can get a full refund back to the card on file for the current month. 

No previous months can be refunded.