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FIGR:Clean Includes:

  • Full 7 day downloadable meal guide
  • 14 Recipes with instructions
  • Interactive grocery and snack check list
  • Interactive food logs to fill in daily
  • Access to the FIGR community via Facebook
  • Me as your personal online coach!


Most frequent questions and answers

FIGR:Clean comes as a PDF for immediate download, not as a physical book. You can either use the interactive feature within your mobile/desktop device, or print out the pages to physically fill out your food logs!

No. This meal plan does not follow a certain type of diet, or way of eating such as paleo // vegan // keto // vegetarian //plant based // etc. 

Yes. You are free to substitute foods in and out according to your eating habits. For instance, you can replace all meats with tofu or some meat alternative if you are a vegetarian. 

No. There is no tracking necessary while on this meal plan. You do, however, have food logs available to you to write down the foods you ate throughout the day. This helps you become conscious of your eating habits and helps you make healthier choices!

The program comes as an interactive PDF download. This means that the check boxes on the grocery and snack lists can be “checked off” when clicked, helping you to keep track of the food/ingredients you already have! The food logs are also interactive in that you can type in the foods you ate and the time of the day you ate at all within the PDF. You can still print these pages out if that’s what will hold you more accountable too!

If your mobile device does not support the interactive feature, attempt opening the PDF file on a laptop and use the program on that platform. Feel free to email me at for any questions or concerns!

Customers Reviews

Seriously... THANK YOU! I needed this week more than anything. This week I learned so many new things about my diet and found a ton of new food that I liked. I weighed in this morning 5 lbs less and I'm feeling great! I have woken up before my alarm every morning ready to start the day instead of dragging my feet across the floor. This week has been a game changer in my health and meal planning going forward.
Mackenzie G.
Hi! It's going great! It's really helped me stay on task! I have tried so hard to jumpstart, but have failed so many times. This has been great for me and I have learned about some new foods I would have never bought in the store! Thank you for this amazing opportunity! This has been a great start for my healthy journey!
Catherine S.
Honestly your plan is so great and easy to follow! I have lost 5 lbs and feel good so I just want to continue to eat healthy just to have more energy and feel better!
Corinne M.
I'm feeling great! Yesterday was the first time I've bought a coffee instead of making my own and it made my stomach feel terrible. So I'm already realizing that this is exactly what I needed! I really really enjoy the group and the meals, I also like that it isn't a super strict plan and you can choose to pretty much do what you want with it!
Allison N.
I think what you have going will work out very well for those who have a hard time knowing what to eat, or staying consistent!! Its great to see other peoples successes!
Maddie E.
Honestly it's amazing! These recipes are literally all incredible. I used to use being a med student as an excuse to get Uber eats all the time or eat frozen pizza but every recipe you have is so simple (takes barely any time) and so yummy!! Also yesterday was one of those days where my stomach was an empty pit but I made sure all the snacks I had were on your list and even with eating a couple more snacks than I should have, I didn't feel guilty after one of them!
Julia G.