Master Your Morning

FIGR Challenge

Oct. 4 – Oct. 31

Master your morning. Master your life.

By the end of this four week challenge you will have established the most effective morning routine for your specific schedule and goals by working one on one with your FIGR coaches and with the accountability of the FIGR community.

We will be focusing on developing habits in these 5 areas:






What You’ll Get

In addition to daily habits that will be programmed into your FIGR app’s daily to-do list, you’ll also benefit from:

No need to worry about what to do at the gym each day. Your workout will already be pre-programmed for you in your daily to-do list so all you have to do is open the app and click start!

All workouts come with video instruction of every movement so you’ll feel confident in your form.

This will be the most personalized challenge we’ve run, so it will be imperative to get on a phone call to discuss your current routine, what habits will work best for you, what your goals are and much more! Starting off with a set plan in place with the accountability of a coach will be crucial for your success this month and beyond.

Need a modification? Have a nutrition question? Have an injury? Want specific guidance / advice? We’re here for you. Message your coaches, Anthony and Katelyn, through the FIGR app at any time for all your personal needs.

On top of the accountability from your coach, all challenge group members will be added to a private group chat within the FIGR app for even more support, tip sharing, motivation and more.

If your eating habits is a main area of focus, you can benefit from a variety of nutrition tracking features within the app. Either sync the app with MyFitnessPal or FitBit, or turn on the meal photos feature to simply take photos of the foods you eat. Whichever method you choose, you’ll be able to see your food, exercise and habits all within one app to help paint the bigger picture!

In the private challenge group chat, we’ll be posting daily tips, recipes, motivation, resources and more to help educate and motivate the group to live their healthiest life.



  • Choose a workout program to subscribe to
  • Once logged in, come back to this page to register for the challenge:

*once registered, be on the lookout in your FIGR app for a message from your FIGR coach to then set up your initial 1 on 1 phone consultation and next steps.



The functional fitness program includes a variety of workout structures like timed intervals, AMRAP’s, chippers, circuits, body building, etc. These workouts are programmed to help improve your overall fitness level, increase your muscular endurance all while shedding fat and developing muscle tone. These workouts are dumbbell and body weight based, and take 45-60 minutes to complete on average. This is the original FIGR app workout plan if you are already subscribed.

The NEW strength program focuses on improving strength in the following movements: squat, deadlift, bench, shoulder press. It progresses from high rep/ low weight to low rep/ high weight with these lifts, and includes all accessory movements as well. These workouts require full gym access, and take 60 minutes to complete on average.

We’d be happy to help! Either email us at or DM us on Instagram at. We can even hop on a quick phone call to discuss you questions / concerns. 

One time charge. You will only be billed the $100 one time. The core FIGR Training App $19.99 subscription or the FIGR Strength $29.99 subscription is billed on a monthly basis until cancelled.

In order to purchase the challenge add-on, you must be a subscriber of a core FIGR app subscription (functional or strength program). This is how you’ll gain access to the group within the app and get your daily workouts. If after the challenge you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so easily by logging in with your app credentials at

You’ll have workouts automatically populate in your app the day of your purchase (for both the functional track and strength track). You can start those workouts before the challenge starts, then continue as normal once the challenge officially launches. Everyone will have a different workout from each other depending on the day they subscribed and which workout program they are subscribed to.

Please note that your subscription will be automatically renewed a month after your initial purchase.

Anyone of any fitness level can do our workouts and/or join this challenge. All movements and workouts are modifiable to any level, and we as coaches will be available through the app for any additional help or questions. In addition, all movements show video instruction so you’ll never be left wondering how to do certain exercises.

For the functional fitness program, the majority of the movements are dumbbell or body weight based and can definitely be done from home. 

However, if you choose the strength program, you will need full gym access (barbells, dumbbells, etc.).