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postpartum fitness program

FIGR:Postpartum is my daily workout program to help you have your safest & strongest recovery from day 1 through year 1.

With three different starting point options, FIGR:Postpartum will meet you where you’re at and stay right with you until you feel like yourself again.

After completing FIGR:Postpartum:

  • Your body will be healed and fully recovered
  • You’ll have no pelvic floor or core symptoms or pain

  • You’ll hit all your max barbell lifts (and maybe some PRs)
  • You’ll be able to do all the moves you love without fear or symptoms
  • You’ll feel confident in your skin and confident in your body’s ability in the gym

  • You’ll feel even stronger and fitter, this time as a mom

About Me

Hello! I’m Katelyn Darkangelo, CPPC (certified pre and postnatal coach), creator of FIGR:Postpartum and founder of FIGR. I live in Brighton, MI, married my high school sweetheart, Anthony, and became a mom Thanksgiving Day on 11/25/21 when our sweet Amelia was born!

Fitness has always been my biggest obsession. I majored in Movement/Exercise Science from the University of Michigan in 2017, then earned my Master of Management from Duke University so I could turn my passion for fitness into a real business. I created FIGR, in 2018 and it’s been our full time career since 2019. Both my husband and I train clients in person and through the FIGR app to help bring elite fitness to everyone.

When I became pregnant, I got certified as a pre & postnatal fitness coach so I could apply everything I was learning to my own pregnant and postpartum body.

After having a short and smooth labor & delivery, and a perfectly healthy baby, all after lifting weights into the last days of my pregnancy, I knew I could help others and show that working out during pregnancy is one of the most important components to a healthy pregnancy.

In addition to my online programs, I also have in-person experience training pregnant and postpartum women, and I cannot wait to continue to help more in the years to come!