“I want to be able to eat healthy long term and feel good in my skin and have more energy but not restrict myself or count calories or follow a diet because I can never stick to those plus they don’t work and I want to eat delicious food that I actually like for a change”

…way of eating


FIGR: Clean is that program that has everything you need to develop sustainable clean eating habits.

Complete with:

  • 7 day meal plan (PDF form sent directly to your email)
  • 14 full recipes with instructions
  • Interactive grocery & snack checklists
  • Interactive & printable food logs
  • Access to me as your personal online coach
  • Access to the FIGR Facebook community for more accountability, tips, and motivation!

FIGR:Clean comes as a PDF file after checkout.

Subscribe to Rascal Radio after checkout to ensure success with your FIGR program through mental fitness and personal development training for just $12/month! Cancel at any time, 30 day 100% money back guarantee.  

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