“I want to be able to eat healthy long term and feel good in my skin and have more energy but not restrict myself or count calories or follow a diet because I can never stick to those plus they don’t work and I want to eat delicious food that I actually like for a change”

…way of eating


FIGR: Clean is that program that has everything you need to develop sustainable clean eating habits.

Complete with:

  • 7 day meal plan (PDF form sent directly to your email)
  • 14 full recipes with instructions
  • Interactive grocery & snack checklists
  • Interactive & printable food logs
  • Access to Anthony and Katelyn as your personal online coaches
  • Access to the FIGR Facebook community for more accountability, tips, and motivation!

FIGR:Clean comes as a PDF file after checkout, not as a physical copy.



Does this guide follow a specific type of diet?

No. This meal plan does not follow a certain type of diet, or way of eating such as paleo // vegan // keto // vegetarian //plant based // etc. 

Can I still follow this plan if i do eat a specific way?

Yes. You are free to substitute foods in and out according to your eating habits. For instance, you can replace all meats with tofu or some meat alternative if you are a vegetarian. 

Does this guide make you count calories or macros?

No. There is no tracking necessary while on this meal plan. You do, however, have food logs available to you to write down the foods you ate throughout the day. This helps you become conscious of your eating habits and helps you make healthier choices!

What do you mean by “interactive”?

The program comes as an interactive PDF download. This means that the check boxes on the grocery and snack lists can be “checked off” when clicked, helping you to keep track of the food/ingredients you already have! The food logs are also interactive in that you can type in the foods you ate and the time of the day you ate at all within the PDF. You can still print these pages out if that’s what will hold you more accountable too!

Troubleshooting the interactive feature

If your mobile device does not support the interactive feature, attempt opening the PDF file on a laptop and use the program on that platform. Feel free to email us at for any questions or concerns!