FIGR:Elite is for those who are looking to gain strength, improve their overall fitness level, gain muscle mass, and challenge themselves to new heights.

FIGR:Elite details:

  • 12 weeks long // 5 days a week // 60-80 min per workout
  • 3 phases each 4 weeks long, with entirely new workouts in each phase
  • Combines powerlifting + interval training + weight training
  • Uses barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, machines, bands and wall balls
  • Modify or intensify to fit your needs
  • Full gym programming
  • For both men and women
  • Comes as both a physical book and a PDF file (sent to your email)

Inside Your Workbook :

  • 12 weeks of powerlifting, interval work, weight training and burnout workouts
  • Daily food log to track food and drink intake
  • Daily healthy habits checklist
  • Video descriptions of every movement using QR code technology
  • Workout dictionary to explain the structure of every workout
  • Three month program calendar
  • Quick tips to provide guidance with workouts (stretching, rest time, etc.)
  • Weekly wrap-up pages to reflect your efforts
  • Goal setting worksheet

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