Success Stories

FIGR Transformations

“JUST FINISHED FIGR:LEAN OMG!!! I’ve never been able to stick a program out, trust me, I’ve tried MANY times over the past 5 years. Your program is truly amazing, so fun, so flexible and actually gives real results!! Your program has not only helped me shed the weight but actually replace it with muscle! I have never felt strong before and now I have baby arm muscles and I can’t wait to keep pushing them to grow. This has pushed me to change my habits too – it would’ve been worth it all just to help make myself a morning person! I also weighed myself yesterday for the first time in a long time and I’m down over 20 pounds! I’m so happy about all of it and having the personal touch of being able to message you and get to know you is such a huge part of what this program brings! So thank you, really, from the bottom of my heart. Can’t wait to keep going!

– Sierra 

Thank youuu!!! The program is real it works!!!! I couldn’t have done it without you!! Honestly this program has changed my life and the bootcamp came into my life at a perfect time when I needed it. So thank you for everything! This is my motivation to keep working hard and sticking with it!! Wow I can see the difference. Overall I’ve lost 14 pounds and I’m just so happy with how far I’ve come! I’m excited to see the change after doing a round 2!

– Collette 

“I feel great following your workout plan (even empowered). I can feel myself getting stronger (adding more weight to the strength portion is easier and I can actually feel my arm muscles now)! I’ve actually dropped 10 lbs since starting and seeing your continuous posts is extremely motivating. I’ve had to tinker a lot more with my diet since I’ve dealt with my cancer over the last few years and I finally got it down! I feel as though I’ve tried a lot of different programs (like BBG) and I just don’t see the results that your program has to offer. This is just the beginning for me & I’m excited to keep your workouts as an outline for what to do moving forward. I cannot express how happy I am with everything you offer to all of us in the group! Your plan has improved my body & mentality about sustaining a healthy relationship with my body & I think that outweighs whatever I see on a scale. So THANK YOU!!! 

– Rachel  

“I have always wanted to try a FIGR program because of all the great things I’ve heard and all the success stories I’ve read from people who have completed the programs in the past. So when I saw that Katelyn was starting a Bootcamp, I contacted her to join & I am SO glad I did! This is my last week of Elite and I feel so amazing both mentally and physically! The workouts kick my butt every single time & I started seeing results in just a few weeks! Before starting Elite, I was going to the gym, doing the same workout every day. I became so bored & unmotivated, that I stopped going to the gym. Elite has completely changed my mindset and I honestly look forward to these workouts! They are quick yet SO effective (covering every muscle group). The exercises can also be modified so people of all fitness levels can participate. Not only are the programs amazing, but so is Katelyn! She is so supportive and there for you every step of the way. She answers any questions in a timely manner & truly wants you to improve all aspects of your life! I would recommend FIGR to anyone and everyone. I can promise you that you won’t regret it! I can’t wait to try the other programs 

– Kristen

“I finally finished Shred – with working night shift as a nurse I only did it 4 days a week but I feel good! I was pleasantly surprised that I did lose some weight! I actually haven’t weighed this since sophomore year in college so it’s been 4 years! So thank you! I’ll probably just do it again and mix in lifting workouts before our wedding:)


Weight: 147/141

Arm: 11.5/11

Chest: 34.5/35

Hips: 36.5/34.5

Waist: 29/28

Bust: 38/37.5

Thigh: 23/22

– Amanda

“I am down a jean size and seeing some toning in my legs and butt (for once) lol so I am super happy!!! My arms feel stronger and I no longer get winded going up the stairs so I’d call that a success, thank you SO much!!! My hips widened after having my daughter and my main goal was to just go down one jean size and I’ve already accomplished that so I’m mostly excited about that! You’ve been helping my fitness journey since 2014 and I can’t thank you enough! Through every up and down in my life you always seem to get my life back on track lol. It’s soooo appreciated and I’m so happy. Your daily motivation helps so much and you have absolutely changed my life back around for the better.”
– Alex
“I really enjoyed the program. Getting ready to get back at it this week. Took me a little longer to get here, but wasn’t going to give up!! I feel a lot better and started seeing results so that’s encouraging!”
– Tonya

“I’m feeling more confident, I am feeling like I’m getting stronger already! Working out has really became a priority. This was the motivation/structure I needed. Honestly this has changed my life”  

– Christine 

Words cannot express how great I feel about myself. I have struggled with eating disorders and stressing about how much I weight since I can remember. With your help, for the first time in my life I LOVE my body and could care less about what the scale says. I have so much confidence in myself it is unreal. I cannot thank you enough for helping me love my body and getting me in the best shape of my life. I am in such a great place thanks to your killer workouts and your constant motivation on the Facebook page. I feel as if I am unstoppable💪🏻 I cannot wait to do the program again and see more great results physically and mentally. I want to thank you so much again, you have truly transformed my life❤


“I’m in love with this program and will continue doing it. I’ve never felt so toned in my legs and butt it’s absolutely amazing and so happy I went through with this, it got me into workout out so much more and made me enjoy doing it too! I just want to thank you for it all, you’ve really changed the way people workout and see themselves! I mean the results others and myself are getting are unreal!”

– Gabe 

I’ve always struggled with my belly and my hips! But I can notice a difference big time, I am in a wedding in July and I bought a bridesmaid dress that fit up top but the underneath material was a little snug right in the hips. It’s not anymore. I am so happy. Loooove this program and I’m looking forward to getting FIGR:Shred! I am literally so thankful for you. I’m happy with how I’m beginning to look and that was my main goal” 

– Jessalyn 

“I love these workouts because even though I feel stronger, they never get easier (in a good way though)! Thank you for making this, you are changing so many lives!”

– Allie

“I am:
Down 4.5 lbs
Arms down 1 inch
Chest down 2 inches
Hips down 5 inches!
Waist down 2 inches
Thighs down 2 inches

I have added 15 pounds to my DB weights. Tripled how many push ups I can do.

I have always gone by weight in my wins so I am so glad this program had us measure and record our progress am #’s during workouts so I could look back. I have muscle tone for the first time ever and I actually feel comfortable using weights at the gym now.”

– Kayla 

“This program has helped me get back on track with my health and fitness. I was feeling overweight and not looking my best. I lost 7 pounds from eating the right foods and working out. My mood has been better as well as my chronic migraines. Working out and eating correctly is the solution to all problems!”

– Brooke 

“Thank you for being so hands on and available it means a lot. A lot of people make these plans and never reach out or make sure that the person even likes the plan so you checking in means a lot” – Rachael

“Honestly you go girl for making these workouts as efficient, if not more, than the expensive personal training classes but also more realistic to people’s budgets and schedules. Can’t wait to follow you on this health journey and end up as a mini fitness pro!” – Marissa

“I’ve never had a good program before until yours and I’m not even just saying that! Kayla’s was bs and I stopped it early, so having something legit is just so exciting everyday haha I’m sure you’ve changed so many peoples lives with your programs!” 

“FIGR:Shred is such an incredible program! The workouts Katelyn designed are very challenging yet so rewarding to finish that you find yourself looking forward to each workout and giving the 110% each time. I wanted a program that gave me about 30 min workouts that I could complete anywhere since I’m on a tight schedule, and Shred is that program! I would recommend this to anyone and look forward to starting FIGR:Lean and anything she designs in the future!”

“I’m only on week 2 of FIGR:Shred but oh my gosh I already love it! It’s definitely easier to fit into my schedule and to do from home but I’m getting the same feeling from Shred as I would be if I went to my $400 kickboxing classes! I can’t wait to see the end result but I already know I’m going to keep doing these workouts past the 8 week loop.” – Marissa

“I’m OBSESSED. FIGR:Elite is honestly the best program ever. I missed lifting more than I knew! I’m loving every second! You did GREAT with this! I did Squat day 8 today and my time for Summit was 8:21 and last week it was 12:27. I’LL TAKE IT!!” – Jessica 

“Such an incredible program so far, nothing like I’ve seen with beach body, Kayla, or anything else!”

“I’m honestly shocked with the change in my confidence level already! Really happy with how motivated I’ve been. I can’t remember the last time I’ve worked out 5 days in a week”

“I just finished up the workouts this weekend! I feel so good all around my overall energy level is up and my stamina when working out! I feel so good in my clothes and tracking what I eat has become a habit it’s so eye opening!” – Abbey 

“I finally finished the 8 week program! Not only do I feel a lot stronger, but I went from working out maybe 3 times a week to 5-6 times a week and I finally have motivation to go to the gym and it feels so good to have it become part of my routine!! I’m super excited for your Shred program to come out” – Mackenzie 

“Overall this program is AMAZING! I have never been able to finish a program before so the fact that I was motivated to finish this program is huge!”

“I am down 4.5 lbs, arms down 1 inch, chest down 2 inches, waist down 2 inches, thighs down 2 inches, hips down 5 inches! I have added 15 pounds to my dumbbell weights and tripled how many push-ups I can do. I have always gone by weight in my wins so I am so glad this program had us measure and record our progress during workouts so I could look back. I have muscle tone for the first time ever and I actually feel comfortable using weights at the gym now. I am really excited to finish the two weeks strong and for your new program to come out” – Kayla

“I’ve only done barbell squats a couple times since I started doing your program and before my max was only at 205 and I just did some today and I’m back up to 255 for 2! So your program has made me stronger even without the bar!” – Rachel 

“I just wanted to tell you that I’ve lost 15 pounds since starting your program! It introduced me to so many new movements and exercises! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

“Through this program, I have gained confidence and strength. Before I felt uncomfortable in my body and knew I needed to change my life a little, but wasn’t sure how to go about it. This program allowed me to keep better track of the food I ate and reminded me to drink plenty of water. My weight went down slightly, but I lost inches in different areas.” 

“Physically have noticed a difference in myself (lost weight without really needing to) and feel more fit all around. Before I’d wing it with heavy weight circuits til I was fatigued and call it good, but having a set plan with tabata/chipper/etc circuits to improve my athleticism has been a game changer in my workouts. Also used to just run a constant speed until I hit 3miles, but with the sprints I’m actually challenging myself to be better.”

You can’t help but be so inspired by all these incredible people!! Are you ready to start getting the kinds of results they’ve been getting? Head over to this page to check out our FIGR programs!