Pregnancy + Postpartum Fitness


Everything you need to know for your fittest + safest pregnancy and postpartum recovery.

Pregnancy + Postpartum Workshop Series
June 6 - June 27

If you’ve ever…

  • Felt uncomfortable or lacked confidence in how to safely return to exercise postpartum

  • Found yourself peeing a little while jump roping, jogging or even sneezing
  • Questioned how to appropriately lift weights during your pregnancy and/or postpartum recovery
  • Heard terms like diastasis recti, belly breathing, pelvic floor exercises, bulging, coning, etc. and have no clue what they mean
  • Worried about coning in the middle of your core when you perform certain movements

  • Battled with low back, pelvic girdle or tailbone pain

  • Felt totally lost and question every move you make in the gym during pregnancy and/or postpartum

or, if you coach and/or work with anyone who have experienced any of these…

This workshop is for you.

This June, I am hosting a 4 week in-person interactive workshop series to personally coach you through all of it.

After completing the workshop you’ll know:

  • How to perform correct breathing and bracing techniques during pregnancy and postpartum to reduce pain, maintain muscle integrity and stay safe while lifting
  • How to apply these breathing + bracing strategies to specific movements and lifts in real time
  • Deep core and pelvic floor specific exercises and for your pregnancy, labor and postpartum recovery
  • How to approach workouts during each trimester of pregnancy
  • How to approach each phase of your return to exercise postpartum
  • General guidelines, timelines and fitness facts/myths to guide you confidently through pregnancy and postpartum

And so much more.

pregnancy client

Here’s everything you’ll get:

  • Four in-person interactive workshop sessions
  • Q & A sessions at the end of each in-person workshop to answer literally anything
  • 5 days of specific programming through the FIGR app to apply everything learned in person that week
  • Full written lesson plan with notes, topics and information discussed each week for you to keep & refer back to
  • Private Facebook Group access where I’ll be posting additional resources, all live session recordings, guides, and more. Plus another place you can ask questions and engage with the other women!
  • 1 on 1 access to me throughout the week for personal questions, help and support
  • 2 months free of FIGR:Postpartum or FIGR:Pregnancy once the month is over to help you continue to work on everything!
  • With those 2 months free you’ll also continue to have access to my 1 on 1 online coaching

The Details.

If you want to feel confident, safe and empowered (or you want your clients to feel this way) in your favorite group fitness class, in your at-home workouts, at the gym or just in every day life, this workshop is a must.

There are only 10 spots available and it is first come first served.

To secure your spot, make sure to register now through the link below! If you have any questions before registering, simply email or message me on Instagram.

Can’t wait to get things rolling!

Still on the fence? Here’s some kind words from some clients!


Absolutely! If you want to come to just the first session (where the full foundation will be laid out) you can just come to that. Then it’s up to you if you’d like to come to the rest!

You’d pay the $100 for the week, which includes that in person workshop session and all 5 app workouts for the week as well.

Every session will be recorded and broadcast via zoom, so no matter where you are located you’ll be able to join!

All zoom recordings will be loaded to our Facebook page following each session so you can watch everything on your own time if you’re unable to make it at 10am EST.

Yes. All zoom recordings will be loaded to our Facebook page following each session so you can watch everything on your own time if you’re unable to make it at 10am EST.

If you can’t make an in person session for whatever reason, we have two options!

  1. I can zoom you into the live session
  2. If that time is unavailable for you, I will do a 1 on 1 zoom with you to cover everything we went through

You will still get the workouts to practice what we covered throughout the week, and will get the written lesson plan to refer back to!

If you’re unable to find a babysitter for the in person sessions, children are allowed to join!

That being said, we will be covering a lot of information and will be very hands-on, so for your own learning experience and for that of others, finding a babysitter would be ideal!

About Me

Hello! I’m Katelyn Darkangelo, CPPC (certified pre and postnatal coach), creator of FIGR:Postpartum and FIGR:Pregnancy and founder of FIGR.

Fitness has always been my biggest obsession. I majored in Movement/Exercise Science from the University of Michigan in 2017, then earned my Master of Management from Duke University so I could turn my passion for fitness into a real business. I train clients both in person in our FIGR gym and through the FIGR app full time.

When I became pregnant, I became certified as a pre & postnatal fitness coach so I could apply everything I was learning to my own pregnant and postpartum body. I quickly fell in love with the industry and pivoted to make pregnancy and postpartum strength + interval coaching my main focus!

In addition to my online programs, I also have in-person experience training pregnant and postpartum women, and I cannot wait to continue to help more in the years to come!