Unveil your strongest self.

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5 workouts per week

approx. 1 hour long each

Full gym access required

workouts are mainly barbell and dumbbell based

Develop 4 major barbell lifts

squat / deadlift / bench / shoulder press + full accessories and core

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SUBSCRIBE $29.99/mo


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This program includes movements with the following equipment: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, pull-up bar, bench, leg curl, leg extension, lat pulldown.


Machine-based movements can easily be switched out for a dumbbell movement if it is not accessible (for instance, you can do DB RDL’s instead of leg curls).

Yes. The app is under the name FIGR Training App (not just FIGR) on both platforms. You must first subscribe online before downloading the app so you’ll have your username and password to access the contents of the app. 

Yes. Once you purchase your app subscription, that card will be used to pay for the app each month on the date of original purchase.

Yes. There is no contract (you just pay month to month) and you can cancel at any time. Once you self-cancel your subscription, you’ll still have access to the remainder of the month that you already paid for. There are no refunds or partial refunds. To cancel, you must sign into the web version of the app with your credentials at then go to “My Accounts” then “My Purchases” then click the 3 dots in the right corner to click “Cancel Auto-renew.”