Daily functional fitness workouts designed specifically for your pregnant body.


I was so nervous.

Going hard and going heavy were my two favorite things to do in the gym.

Then I got pregnant.

I remember being so nervous those first few weeks not knowing what I could do, what I should do, if I was harming my baby, and all the other anxiety-ridden thoughts that go through a first-time-mom’s brain.

The internet’s conflicting information on pregnancy workout guidelines didn’t help, and it seemed that every nurse had a different opinion as well. On top of that, all the pregnancy workout programs I saw online just looked too… easy.

I was annoyed. And I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling the same way.

So, I decided to do something about it.

I got certified in pre & postnatal coaching, and documented every single workout I did throughout my entire pregnancy (and 12 weeks postpartum) to create what you see today as FIGR:Pregnancy!

After having an uncomplicated 5 hour total labor & delivery, no tearing, and a perfectly healthy baby, all after lifting weights into the last days of my pregnancy, I knew I could help others increase their chance of having a smooth pregnancy, labor and delivery experience themselves, and prove that working out during pregnancy is not harmful and can be one of the most important components to a healthy pregnancy.

This pregnancy fitness program will give you the guidance, confidence and peace of mind that you’re staying safe in the gym AND staying your fittest, all the way ’til the very end.


FIGR:Pregnancy will help you:

  • stay healthy & fit in a safe and effective way while doing the workouts you love

  • feel like yourself as your body constantly changes

  • create a healthy environment for your baby to grow

  • promote healthy weight gain and maintain muscle mass

  • ease pregnancy-related aches and pains

  • keep energy levels high & stress levels low

  • prepare your body for labor

The ultimate workout program for your fittest pregnancy

FIGR:Pregnancy workouts are specific for your pregnant body, not just normal workouts modified for pregnancy. Workout intensity, duration, exercise selection, rest periods and more were specifically selected to cater to your body’s needs and capabilities each and every day.


Train hard. Train smart.

You can still work hard throughout your pregnancy, within limits. The problem is it’s hard to know the limits without having a smart plan.  That’s why I physically did every single workout during my pregnancy, so I could provide a plan that I know will keep you fit & safe. 

Most pregnancy programs are written after the fact. FIGR:Pregnancy was strategically crafted day by day, in the thick of it all, to make sure every workout is the effective, purposeful & safe for your pregnant body.

Keep lifting the weights.

FIGR:Pregnancy workouts include work with dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and more, so you can keep doing the work you love, while keeping it appropriate for pregnancy.

Limited equipment or can’t get to the gym? No problem. There are dumbbell options for every movement that includes barbells or machines in the instructions for that day.


Let’s do this together.

Pregnancy is a wild ride, and you deserve to have people surrounding you who care and understand what you’re going through.

Benefit from direct access to me as your personal pregnancy coach, weekly messages and our private group of moms & moms-to-be.

How It Works


SUBSCRIBE: $39.99/mo

Subscribe below based on the current week you’re in. The app will automatically start you on that week, and bill you $39.99/month until you reach the end of the program.



Each day your workout will show up on the app’s To-Do list. You’ll have a warm up, the workout, and a stretch 4-5 days/week. You’ll also have core 2x/week up to week 12, and labor prep work for weeks 28-40.



The only thing you have to do is click each component and do the work! Every workout includes workout instructions, equipment swaps if needed, and videos of every movement so you’ll know exactly what to do.

Let's Get Started

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Frequently Asked Questions

The workouts include work with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, cardio machines (bike, row, skierg, treadmill, elliptical), bands, boxes, med balls, TRX/suspension system and cable machines.

If you do not have access to some or all of these, I provide a dumbbell option for every move that requires equipment other than a dumbbell directly in the workout instructions for that day.

This program is best for women who have worked out consistently for at least 6 months before pregnancy, and who have experience with weighted movements like deadlifts, squats and kettlebell swings. It is not recommended for beginners or anyone who does not feel comfortable with basic movements.

Every workout is different and is designed to help you maintain overall strength, cardiovascular endurance, mobility and muscle throughout your entire pregnancy.

Workout structures include: supersets, circuits, intervals, EMOM’s, AMRAP’s, chippers, ladders and more.

Workout duration changes as you progress through the program, but in general will be 45-60 minutes each.

These workouts include movements that:

  • help build lower body endurance for labor
  • stretch the perineum to help reduce/prevent tearing
  • encourage optimal position of the baby for delivery (head down)
  • get the baby to engage with the cervix to help get things moving before labor even starts

You’ll get 2 labor prep pieces per week from weeks 28-34, and 4 labor prep pieces per week for weeks 34-40.

It is suggested that you are cleared by your doctor to work out before beginning any exercise program while pregnant.

Yes. It is available on both devices. Additionally, anyone in the world can subscribe. 

If you are in a different country, only credit cards (not debit cards) are accepted in the payment portal.

About Me

Hello! I’m Katelyn Darkangelo, CPPC (certified pre and postnatal coach), creator of FIGR:Pregnancy and founder of FIGR. I live in Brighton, MI, married my high school sweetheart, Anthony, and became a mom Thanksgiving Day on 11/25/21 when our sweet Amelia was born!

Fitness has always been my biggest obsession. I majored in Movement/Exercise Science from the University of Michigan in 2017, then earned my Master of Management from Duke University so I could turn my passion for fitness into a real business. I created FIGR, in 2018 and it’s been our full time career since 2019. Both my husband and I train clients in person and through the FIGR app to help bring elite fitness to everyone.

When I became pregnant, I got certified as a pre & postnatal fitness coach so I could apply everything I was learning to my own pregnant and postpartum body. 

After having an smooth labor & delivery, no tearing, and a perfectly healthy baby, all after lifting weights into the last days of my pregnancy, I knew I could help others and show that working out during pregnancy is one of the most important components to a healthy pregnancy.

In addition to my online programs, I also have in-person experience training pregnant and postpartum women, and I cannot wait to continue to help more in the years to come!