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The lifting + metcon pregnancy workout program designed specifically for the fitness loving mom-to-be.

Feel like yourself by continuing to do workouts you love
Have confidence and peace of mind lifting while pregnant
Prepare your body for your best birth and postpartum recovery

Prenatal yoga, Pilates and walking are great but…

what if you’re a barbell squat, kettlebell, AMRAP kinda girl?

Then FIGR:Pregnancy was made for you.

FIGR:Pregnancy is a monthly app subscription that provides everything you need to achieve your fittest pregnancy.

Strength and metcon-style workouts 4-5x/week

Labor prep sessions 3x/week in the third trimester

Personal access to me as your pregnancy fitness coach

Warm-ups, stretches, video & written instruction & more

pregnancy client
Laura’s Story:

“I cannot say enough about the FIGR Pregnancy & Postpartum programs.

The FIGR:Pregnancy workout program not only primed my body for a long labor, but helped with my sciatic pain in the 2nd trimester, improved my energy and nausea in the 1st, and helped ease general anxiety and regulate my hormones.”

I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without FIGR!”

Every workout is specific for your pregnant body, down to the exact day.

For example: workout 18.1 shows up on your to-do list when you’re 18 weeks 1 day pregnant.

If your body changes daily, your workouts should change daily too!

Feel confident lifting weights during your pregnancy.

  • metcons + strength workouts were programmed specifically for pregnancy
  • movement videos will show you how to perform all moves properly
  • modifications, regressions and movement selections are done for you so there’s no fear or guesswork
  • you’ll get app messages each week to help guide you along your journey

  • 1 on 1 messaging with me (not a bot) is available for any personal questions or concerns

How can I know this pregnancy workout program is safe for me?

My goal for this program from the beginning was to help ease fear and instill confidence in every pregnant woman who picks up the weights.

That’s why I physically did every single workout during my own pregnancy, at the exact time you’ll be doing them yourselves, so you could have a plan that makes you feel safe, properly guides you and that will keep you fit, safe & confident all the way to the end.

In addition to doing the program myself, I also have expansive experience and education in the field. Not only have I been an avid fitness lover for my entire life, but I also have two certifications in pregnancy fitness coaching, 4+ years with in-person coaching experience, a degree in exercise science, and have led multiple educational workshops specifically on pregnancy and postpartum fitness!

FIGR:Pregnancy Testimonials

See what this pregnancy workout program has done for others so you can see what it can do for you!

Not just normal workouts modified for pregnancy

Workout intensity, duration, exercise selection, rest periods & more were specifically selected to cater to your body’s needs and capabilities each and every day.

Every woman deserves to feel confident in the gym during her pregnancy.

It is my mission to make sure every woman feels confident picking up the weights at every stage of their pregnancy so they can be the best version of themselves as they go through such an incredible phase of their lives.

Keep lifting the weights.

FIGR:Pregnancy uses dumbbells, kettlebells & barbells while keeping it appropriate & safe for pregnancy.

Limited equipment or can’t get to the gym?
No problem.
You’ll have dumbbell options for every move that includes other equipment.

You can’t afford NOT to lift during pregnancy! This pregnancy workout program will help you: 

  • stay healthy & fit in a safe & effective way while doing the workouts you love

  • feel like yourself as your body constantly changes

  • create a healthy environment for your baby to grow

  • promote healthy weight gain and maintain muscle mass

  • ease pregnancy-related aches and pains

  • keep energy levels high & stress levels low

  • prepare your body for labor

Madi’s Story:

“At the beginning of my pregnancy I was so worried about how my workouts would be affected – I had no idea what was safe for me/my baby and didn’t know where to start to figure out what was best for my baby and to keep me on track with my own personal goals.

Conveniently, FIGR was just launching the pregnancy program and I knew it would be perfect for me. I had been doing the FIGR:Strength program pre-pregnancy and loved it so natrually I loved the pregnancy program as well.

It was perfect to have the workouts already prepared for me so I had no excuses to skip a workout and tailoring the workouts each day depending on what my needed was super easy to do.

Fast forward and I am now currently loving the postpartum program!”

Sample workouts from each trimester

Here’s a quick look into a workout from each trimester! Every workout is different, with programming that includes strength and metcon – based workout structures.

First Trimester Workout

Workout 9.1

Strength – :30 on/:30 off x6
BB push jerk
BB bent over row

16 min EMOM
10 cal ski erg
10 DB step ups
8 BB snatches
14 ring rows

Second Trimester Workout

Workout 23.2

Strength – 5 sets
12 BB sumo deadlift
12 squat reaches
:30 cat cow

Strength – 5 sets
12 BB strict press
12 banded reverse flies
:30 good mornings

Tabata :20/:10 x 8
KB swings

Third Trimester Workout

Workout 37.2

5x (not for time)
20 body squats
20 ring rows
20 banded good mornings
20 banded chest press

Labor Prep Circuit –
2 rounds
2 min low squat hold
:30 laying pelvic tilt
:30 downdog

Most pregnancy workout programs are written after the fact. Not this time.

FIGR:Pregnancy was strategically crafted day by day throughout my own pregnancy to make sure every workout is effective, purposeful & safe for your pregnant body.

Let’s do this together.

Pregnancy is a wild ride, and you deserve to have people surrounding you who care & understand what you’re going through.

My Story.

Going hard and going heavy were my two favorite things to do in the gym.

Then I got pregnant.

I remember being so nervous those first few weeks not knowing what I could do, what I should do, if I was harming my baby, and all the other anxiety-ridden thoughts that go through a first-time-mom’s brain.

The internet’s conflicting information on pregnancy workout guidelines didn’t help, and it seemed that every nurse had a different opinion as well. On top of that, all the pregnancy workout programs I saw online just looked too… easy.

I was annoyed. And I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling the same way.

So, I decided to do something about it.

I got certified in pre & postnatal coaching, and documented every single workout I did throughout my entire pregnancy to create what you see today as FIGR:Pregnancy!

After having an uncomplicated 5 hour total labor & delivery, no tearing, and a perfectly healthy baby, all after lifting weights into the last days of my pregnancy, I knew I could help others increase their chance of having a smooth pregnancy, labor and delivery experience themselves.

I also hope to help new future moms feel confident in the gym and help spread the fact that working out during pregnancy is not only not harmful, but that it is one of the most important components to a healthy pregnancy.

This pregnancy workout program will give you the guidance, confidence and peace of mind that you’re staying safe in the gym AND staying your fittest, all the way ’til the very end.

Try My 30 Min Labor Prep Circuit

Did you know there are certain exercises that can help increase your chances of a smooth labor?

Click below to get the exact labor prep circuit I added to my workouts in the weeks leading up to my own birth! This is also included in your FIGR:Pregnancy pregnancy workout program.

More reviews from women just like you:

Let’s Get You Started

Get rollin’ with your FIGR:Pregnancy workouts in three easy steps.

1. SUBSCRIBE: $39.99/month

Subscribe below to your current week. The app will start you on that week and bill you $39.99/month until you reach the end of the program.


Each day your workout will automatically show up on the app’s To-Do list.


Just click each component and do the work!

Subscribe Here

Simply click on the week you’re currently in and subscribe!

**workouts start on the day you purchase, so make sure you subscribe when you want to start**

Looking for more pregnancy fitness guidance?

In addition to your subscription, benefit from these FREE resources just for my pregnant and postpartum ladies!

Join the Mother FIGRs Community

Join our community for moms and moms-to-be for all things pregnancy and postpartum fitness.

Read the Mother FIGRs Blog

This is where I dive even deeper into all prengancy and postpartum related topics!

Frequently Asked Questions

The workouts include work with dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, cardio machines (bike, row, skierg, treadmill, elliptical), bands, boxes, med balls, TRX/suspension system and cable machines.

If you do not have access to some or all of these, I provide a dumbbell option for every move that requires equipment other than a dumbbell directly in the workout instructions for that day.

This program is best for women who have worked out consistently for at least 6 months before pregnancy, and who have experience with weighted movements like deadlifts, squats and kettlebell swings. It is not recommended for beginners or anyone who does not feel comfortable with basic movements.

Every workout is different and is designed to help you maintain overall strength, cardiovascular endurance, mobility and muscle throughout your entire pregnancy.

Workout structures include: supersets, circuits, intervals, EMOM’s, AMRAP’s, chippers, ladders and more.

Workout duration changes as you progress through the program, but in general will be 45-60 minutes each.

These workouts include movements that:

  • help build lower body endurance for labor
  • stretch the perineum to help reduce/prevent tearing
  • encourage optimal position of the baby for delivery (head down)
  • get the baby to engage with the cervix to help get things moving before labor even starts

You’ll get 2 labor prep pieces per week from weeks 28-34, and 4 labor prep pieces per week for weeks 34-40.

It is suggested that you are cleared by your doctor to work out before beginning any exercise program while pregnant.

If you are not satisfied with your program, you can get a full refund back to the card on file for the current month.

No previous months can be refunded.

Yes. It is available on both devices. Additionally, anyone in the world can subscribe.

If you are in a different country, only credit cards (not debit cards) are accepted in the payment portal.

About Me

Hello! I’m Katelyn Darkangelo, CPPC (certified pregnancy and postpartum coach), creator of the FIGR:Postpartum postpartum fitness program and founder of FIGR. I live in Brighton, MI, married my high school sweetheart, Anthony, and became a mom Thanksgiving Day on 11/25/21 when our sweet Amelia was born!

Fitness has always been my biggest obsession. I majored in Movement/Exercise Science from the University of Michigan in 2017, then earned my Master of Management from Duke University so I could turn my passion for fitness into a real business. I created FIGR in 2018 and it’s been our full time career since 2019. Both my husband and I train clients in person and through the FIGR app to help bring elite fitness to everyone.

When I became pregnant, I got certified as a pre & postnatal fitness coach so I could apply everything I was learning to my own pregnant and postpartum body. I then had in person clients become mothers along the way and have been able to guide them safely and effective through their own pregnancy and postpartum recoveries!

My personal experience, in-person client experiences, history in the fitness industry and knowledge gained through my certifications ultimately led to the creation of FIGR:Pregnancy and FIGR:Postpartum. I’ve been able to coach over 200 women through their healthiest pregnancy and strongest recovery, and I cannot wait to continue to help more in the years to come!