Get back to workouts you love in 12 weeks.

Heal and strengthen your core and pelvic floor
Ease back into workouts safely and effectively
Your structured day-by-day plan to feel like yourself again

Recover safely and effectively with the FIGR:Postpartum progression

The app will take you day-by-day through the following four phase progression to help you recover your core and pelvic floor, build back muscular strength and endurance, and help you feel your best.

These first 3 weeks are meant to be a slow re-introduction to movement. It is safe for those just coming home for the hospital, and will still be beneficial for those months down the road.

  • Walking progression (7x/week)
  • 10 min prerecorded live stretch, mobility & breathing sessions (3x/week)
During this phase we’ll start working on pelvic floor and core recovery, add in light body weight movement and continue to increase time in our walk progression. All movements during this time period will be no more strenuous than day-to-day tasks and are safe to do before being cleared for exercise. If you had complications during labor/delivery that you think may have implications for light movement during these weeks, reach out to your provider to discuss before performing.

Examples of light body weight movement include: squats, downdogs, bird dogs, glute bridges, good mornings and inch worms.

Week 6 will also include a few light dumbbell movements.

  • 5-10 min prerecorded live pelvic floor & deep core workouts (3x/week)
  • 15-30 min light body weight workouts (3x/week)
  • Continue with walk progression (4x/week)

We will progressively add in dumbbell movement, increase workout duration and play with different workout structures over these weeks to reacclimate your body to regular exercise.

You will also have core workouts programmed into your calendar to start building back core strength and stability in a safe and effective progression.

  • 30-60 min dumbbell & body weight workouts (3x/week)
  • 5 min prerecorded live stretches (3x/week)
  • 8 min prerecorded live core workouts (3x/week)
  • 30 min steady state cardio (3x/week)
Workouts will continue to increase in intensity by varying exercise selection, structures, weights, pace, etc.

Core workouts will remain in your calendar to continue building core strength and stability.

  • 30-60 min dumbbell & body weight workouts (4x/week)
  • 5 min prerecorded live stretches (4x/week)
  • 8 min prerecorded live core workouts (4x/week)
  • 30 min steady state walking (2x/week)

Don’t leave your postpartum recovery to chance

Movements & workouts you see in this program are the exact ones I did during my postpartum journey to get back to the workouts I loved quickly, safely and effectively. Have confidence and peace of mind that what you’re doing is safe and appropriate for your own postpartum body.



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Let’s do this together.

Postpartum is a wild ride, and you deserve to have people surrounding you who care and understand what you’re going through.

Benefit from direct access to me as your personal postpartum coach, weekly messages specific to the week you’re in, and our private group of moms & moms-to-be.

How It Works


SUBSCRIBE: $39.99/mo

Subscribe either from the start or from week 4 (options below). Your programming will automatically start on the day you subscribe.



Each day, just open your app and the day’s work will show up on the app’s To-Do list.



The only thing you have to do is click each component and do the work! Every workout includes workout instructions, tips, and videos of every movement so you’ll know exactly what to do.



Choose this option if you’re less than 3 weeks postpartum. This will start with 5-15 minute walks, and 10 minute stretch & mobility sessions 3x/week. You will be billed $39.99/month for 3 months.



Choose this option if you’re more than 3 weeks postpartum. This will start with 20 minute walks, pelvic floor & deep core work, and 15 minute body weight workouts. You will be billed $39.99/month for 2 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Week 0-5 movements are all body weight-based.

Weeks 6-12 will require light to moderate dumbbells, bands, and kettlebells. Kettlebell movements can easily be switched to dumbbell movements if needed.

This program is for anyone looking to get back to strength, functional fitness or high intensity workouts.

It is a 12 week progression that starts with simple stretching and ends with moderate intensity workouts, so any fitness level would benefit.

It is all up to your own comfort level when you choose to start the program. Most women, regardless of their delivery experience, would be able to start this program within a week or two of delivery.

Weeks 1-3 are 5-15 minute walks with light stretching, mobility & breathing “workouts” which are encouraged for all women right after delivery.

However, if you are unsure or don’t feel confident you’re ready, talk with your provider about what’s best for your situation.

Anyone at any stage postpartum will benefit from this programming.

The first 6 weeks may feel “slower” for you, since you’ll most likely already be cleared for exercise and can handle more stimulus, but going back to the bare basics and slowly taking your pelvic floor, core and body step by step through a structured progression will be extremely beneficial in the long run.

Additionally, in the app you can add in more stretches, pelvic floor & core work, or increase the duration of your walks during the first 6 weeks to add more volume to your day.

It is suggested that you are cleared by your doctor to workout before beginning any exercise program postpartum. 

However, if you are starting the program from week 1, all movements and activities (stretching and short walks) are safe and recommended for postpartum women prior to being cleared for full on exercise. 

If you just recently gave birth and are deciding when to start this program, consider:

  1. Your labor & delivery experience. If there were no complications and no c section, you could start the programming as early as the day you come home from the hospital. If you had a c section or other complication, I would recommend waiting 3 weeks or so (always dependent upon the individual) until starting. 
  2. Your mental state. If adding one more thing to your list (even if it’s healthy for you) will stress you out, then I recommend waiting until you are ready to start. This will look different for everyone. 

The first three weeks of programming are 5-15 minute walks each day and 10 minutes of stretching/breathing work 3 times per week, which are recommended for early postpartum mothers, so it truly will be dependent on the individual when they feel ready.

Yes. It is available on both devices. Additionally, anyone in the world can subscribe. 

If you are in a different country, only credit cards (not debit cards) are accepted in the payment portal.

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About Me

Hello! I’m Katelyn Darkangelo, CPPC (certified pre and postnatal coach), creator of FIGR:Postpartum and founder of FIGR. I live in Brighton, MI, married my high school sweetheart, Anthony, and became a mom Thanksgiving Day on 11/25/21 when our sweet Amelia was born!

Fitness has always been my biggest obsession. I majored in Movement/Exercise Science from the University of Michigan in 2017, then earned my Master of Management from Duke University so I could turn my passion for fitness into a real business. I created FIGR, in 2018 and it’s been our full time career since 2019. Both my husband and I train clients in person and through the FIGR app to help bring elite fitness to everyone.

When I became pregnant, I got certified as a pre & postnatal fitness coach so I could apply everything I was learning to my own pregnant and postpartum body.

After having an smooth labor & delivery, no tearing, and a perfectly healthy baby, all after lifting weights into the last days of my pregnancy, I knew I could help others and show that working out during pregnancy is one of the most important components to a healthy pregnancy.

In addition to my online programs, I also have in-person experience training pregnant and postpartum women, and I cannot wait to continue to help more in the years to come!