Join the FIGR community through our app programs or in person training services to be elite in every stage of life.

FIGR App Programs

Our monthly app subscriptions options were created to give you the workouts you need, exactly when you need them. Whether you’re a seasoned gym-goer or a beginner, or whether you’re pregnant or recovering postpartum, we have a program for you!


Daily interval and strength programming to become your fittest.


Dumbbell and body weight programming to build your foundation of fitness.


Interval and strength program designed specifically for pregnancy.


Everything you need for your safest and strongest return to the gym.

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Rise Above Average with FIGR.

FIGR is an in-person and online community of hard working, strong minded individuals who commit to daily improvement in their fitness and every day life.


The FIGR community and coaches are with you, always.

  • Message your coaches, Katelyn and Anthony, directly for advice, support, tips and questions. It will always be them answering – not a bot.

  • Engage with the in-app FIGR Community group for maximum accountability, motivation and support. Your wins are our wins.


Crush your workouts, develop habits, and strengthen your mindset daily.

  • Program specific daily workouts are scheduled directly into your app calendar, with push notifications to remind you to complete them.

  • Physically check off workouts in your daily to-do list. It’s the most effective way to form healthy habits & establish a daily workout routine.


FIGR is growth-focused to ensure you earn killer results, and become your best self along the way.

  • Track your body metrics, progress pictures and all workout related metrics (weights used, times, reps, etc.) to show your progress over time.

  • Earn badges, create winning streaks, and have all of your achievements tracked to keep you moving forward and motivated.

FIGR Apparel

Rep FIGR with our t-shirts, tanks, crewnecks & more.

At FIGR, we believe that when you work to improve your fitness, you gain the skills and mindset to improve your entire life.

That’s why we are so passionate about our workout subscriptions and training services. We want to not only help take part in your physical transform, but also help you become the best version of yourself in the process.

About Your FIGR Trainers

Anthony and Katelyn Darkangelo are the co-owners and trainers at FIGR.

Katelyn earned her major in Exercise Science from the University of Michigan and a Masters of Management Studies from Duke University. She combined her passion for fitness and business & created FIGR in January 2018. When she became pregnant in 2021 she decided to get certified in pre & postnatal coaching, which is where she now specializes.

Anthony is a former professional football player, a two time All-American linebacker, and a former Ferris State University coach. He is now training for the CrossFit games in addition to training clients in person and through the FIGR app.

FIGR is their full time career. Together they’ve helped hundreds of clients transform their bodies and minds and they are committed to helping thousands more live life at their fittest!

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