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This is where I help moms like you confidently navigate the weights through pregnancy + postpartum.

Hi, I’m Katelyn!

Your pregnancy and postpartum fitness coach 

I’m a wife and girl mom from Michigan who loves helping women have their fittest pregnancies and strongest postpartum recoveries. A bit about my background:

I grew up in a fitness-loving family – it’s just in my blood. So when I went to college at the University of Michigan I couldn’t wait to major in Exercise Science.

While I was there, I started coaching clients online and knew I wanted to make an actual career out of it. I then earned my Master of Management from Duke University to give me some business background and created FIGR in 2018.

When I got pregnant in 2021 with my daughter, Amelia, everything changed. My obsession became strength and interval training during pregnancy and postpartum. I got certified through Girls Gone Strong as a certified pre and postnatal fitness coach (CPPC) in 2022, and have dedicated myself to this industry ever since.

I have worked with over 200 women through my app subscriptions, events and small group classes at our FIGR gym in Brighton, MI, and I hope I get to work with you too!

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FIGR:Postpartum App Program

From day 1 after baby, all the way through year one, this postpartum fitness program will restore your core + pelvic floor and guide you through your strongest return to fitness.

FIGR:Pregnancy App Program

Strength training, metcons, barbells and more, programmed specifically for your pregnant body week by week so you can have your healthiest, strongest pregnancy.

In-Person Small Group Training

For those local to Brighton, MI, I offer small group classes at our FIGR gym! They aren’t pregnancy/postpartum-specific, but I provide all modifications & guidance you’d need within the class setting.

1 on 1 Coaching

I offer in-person, virtual (Zoom) personal sessions or app-based customized workout programming for those looking for more specialized support! This can be for a single session, for a month, or ongoing.

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