F I T  I S  G E T T I N G  R E A L 

About FIGR

FIGR (pronounced “figure“) is an in-person and online community of hard working, strong minded individuals that commit to daily improvement in their fitness and in every day life.

FIGR was launched in 2018 with hard copy fitness programs. After selling hundreds of hard copies over the first two years, in 2020 FIGR transitioned into offering monthly subscription programs through the FIGR App. There are now four app subscriptions which include FIGR:Functional, FIGR:Strength, FIGR:Pregnancy and FIGR:Postpartum. FIGR is also a full scale gym with one location in South Lyon, MI where we train in person small group functional fitness classes.

FIGR, which stands for Fit Is Getting Real, centers around the fact that it takes real action, real dedication, and real commitment to actually achieve success. We were frustrated with the fitness industry’s quick-fix messaging, which has never and will never work to help you actually achieve your goals in the gym or in any area of life. That’s why we sought to build a community that empowers people to take responsibility for their health by putting in the work and staying committed to their goals.

In other words, we wanted to do fitness the real way so people could finally get real results.

Our mission is to help you achieve your own definition of REAL success in and out of the gym. We do this by providing fitness programs that not only produce physical results, but that more importantly help you develop a rock solid mindset. We believe that when you work to improve your fitness, you gain the skills and mindset to improve your entire life, which makes the gym one of the most important parts of your day!

About Your FIGR Coaches

It’s nice to meet you – we’re Anthony and Katelyn Darkangelo, your FIGR trainers!

We are both 27, live in Brighton, MI, got married in 2020 and have one firecracker of a daughter named Amelia.

A little about our backgrounds:

I (Katelyn) graduated from the University of Michigan with a major in Exercise Science in 2017, then went to Duke University for a Master of Management Studies in 2018. I paired the two & created FIGR in January 2018 when I launched FIGR:Lean (for you FIGR OG’s that remember!). In 2021 I became pregnant with our first baby and became ultra-passionate about training during pregnancy and helping women return to the weights postpartum. I got certified in pre and postnatal coaching and launched FIGR:Pregnancy and FIGR:Postpartum in 2022!

Anthony, my husband, also has a deep history in the fitness and athletic industry. He played professional American football in Germany and is a two time All-American linebacker from Ferris State University. He also coached at Ferris and is a Catholic League Hall of Fame inductee for his high school football career at Catholic Central. He is now in pursuit of competing in the CrossFit games. He absolutely loves helping clients reach high levels of success of their own with his in person and online coaching through FIGR.

FIGR is our full time career and we have loved nothing more than helping hundreds of clients transform their bodies and minds through fitness to become the best version of themselves over the years.

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