Nice to meet you – we’re Anthony and Katelyn. We’re both 25-year-old fitness enthusiasts turned full-time fitness coaches/entrepreneurs and have teamed up to bring you the best we have to offer!

Katelyn graduated from the University of Michigan with a major in Exercise Science in 2017, then went on to earn her Masters of Management Studies degree at Duke University in 2018.  She paired the two (plus her passion for fitness) and created FIGR in late 2017. Since then, hundreds of clients have transformed their bodies and minds, all while becoming the best version of themselves. It’s been incredible to see!

Anthony is a former professional football player who helped lead his German team to a European championship. He is also a two time All-American linebacker from Ferris State University, and got inducted into the Catholic League Hall of Fame for his excellence on the field while playing for Catholic Central. He is now in pursuit of competing in the 2021 CrossFit games and helping clients reach this level of success of their own.

We both have a passion for helping people get fit in all areas of their life – physically, mentally, financially, etc. – and we believe that our hands on approach and our variety of programs are the best out there to help you achieve your goals. 


Our mission is to help you achieve your own definition of REAL success in and out of the gym.

Fit Is Getting Real centers around the fact that it takes real action, real dedication, and real commitment to actually achieve success – physically and mentally. You cannot replace hard work with band-aids like fad diets, fat burning pills, sculpting wraps, and products that are often highlighted as “quick fixes” in the fitness industry. Those products just mask what the real issue is, which is that people are not being dedicated enough to themselves and their bodies to produce true lasting results. FIGR empowers people to take responsibility for their health and for their success by putting in the work and staying committed to themselves and to their goals. People are finally able to stick to their goals this time around because FIGR also makes fitness fun, enjoyable, brings out your competitive nature, and helps you gain confidence. See the FIGR testimonials of real people like you here!

We would love to hear any feedback/suggestions or chat with any of you so feel free to contact us. Really looking forward to meeting all of you!

Use the hashtag #FIGR to show us your progress & to get involved in the FIGR community! 

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