My day (and I’m assuming yours as well!) gets SO chaotic from the minute my baby wakes up. In the early days when I didn’t have a morning routine established, I just woke up whenever my daughter would. I would have no time to get ready by myself, no time to get in the right mindset or time to just take a deep breath.

This left me frustrated, drained and dragging by the end of the day.

So, instead of staying that way, I wanted to do something about it!

I decided to start waking up 10 minutes before my daughter normally woke up just to do my bathroom routine by myself.

To be honest, thinking about taking any more sleep away at first felt unachievable and not worth it, but it is 100% the best thing I ever did.

It started with those 10 minutes to just get ready, then week by week I inched my alarm 10 minutes back to fit in each of the things below and it has made all the difference in my mornings AND for my entire day!


Here are the 6 essentials to my morning routine as a working mom:

1) Wake up an hour before my baby

This allows me to start my day peacefully, get work done, have time to myself & set my mindset before the chaos of the day starts!

2) Read for 20 minutes

I know it’ll be much harder to find time during the day to read, so I start every morning with 20 minutes of a business or personal development book. This gets me motivated to get to work and in a productive headspace.

3) Splash cold water on my face

It’s like the biggest jolt of energy and I don’t feel awake until I do this! It’s refreshing, wakes me up and gets me feeling great.

4) Write my day’s to-do list

Knowing what I need to do, and having a physical list to check off each day helps me stay on task and feeling productive each day. Which to me, is what motivated me to keep doing more.

5) Drink as much water as possible

I fil up my water bottle the night before and try to drink as much of it as I can as I go through my morning routine. Starting the day hydrated is so key!

6) Leave my phone on the nightstand

I won’t touch my phone until I am done with everything in my morning routine – which takes about 30 minutes. Leaving my phone put eliminates all distractions and keeps me focused and mentally clear as I go through my morning-musts!


Gaining control over my mornings and having that solid morning routine has made all the difference.

By starting my day focused, productive and peaceful, I have more energy for achieving my best work, for hitting my best workouts and for being the best mom & wife I can be.

My challenge to you is to pick one of these 6 habits and try it out for yourself this week!

I got you,


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